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Nokia 5800 – more free games

Published by Mike Browne March 06, 2009

Nokia 5800 – more free games

Published by Mike Browne March 06, 2009

The Nokia 5800 is proving something of a gold mine for developers as the touchscreen allows them to take old games and give them a brand new twist.

If you’ve already checked out the last batch of games Nokia made available, then you’ll be ready to get some more up and running on your Nokia 5800. As with the last batch, you’ll find these free games have been added to the Nokia Hong Kong website, and best of all they’re all free. Check out our quick guide to the latest games for your Nokia 5800.

Dodge This!

Want to show your skills at dodging the bullet and making the most of the Nokia 5800’s touchscreen? Then this is the game for you. Captain a space ship around the screen dodging the alien bullets. A word of warning Dodge This! – don’t try to use screen rotation mid-game as it’ll throw you out of the game – curses!

DOWNLOAD: Dodge This!

Paint Pad

Not so much a game in the true sense but Paint Pad is a fun little utility that allows you to paint draw and paint directly onto the page using the Nokia 5800’s touchscreen. It’s a quick install that allows you to draw from scratch or even import photos so you can have fun at other peoples expense.


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