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Nokia 5800 streams BBC TV - LIVE!

Published by Mike Browne April 03, 2009

Nokia 5800 streams BBC TV - LIVE!

Published by Mike Browne April 03, 2009

The Nokia 5800 still manages to impress on what seems a daily basis. We were one of the first sites in the UK to get to grips with the BBC streaming it’s iPlayer service through the 5800 using Wi-Fi.

Now it seems Auntie BEEB, at least here in the UK anyway, has managed to get a live feed up and running on the Nokia 5800, allowing you to watch TV in real time…

Want to watch live TV on your Nokia 5800? Well now you can, at least you can make the most of the BBC live programming schedule as the BEEB has rollwd out a Beta version of TV for you to watch.

The Nokia 5800 has allowed you to watch pre-released programmes as part of its iPlayer service for the last couple of months. Howeer, a story broken this morning over on All About Symbian about the BBC offering live TV seems to have panned out.

We’ve just tried it out and you can indeed watch live TV over the internet and not using a Wi-Fi hotspot, which was originally the case with iPlayer.

To do this point your Nokia 5800’s browser to where you will be presented with a warning page, informing you that best results can be delivered over Wi-Fi. Click on Continue and you’ll fidn yourself on the Live TV Beta page.

Click on a channel, choose a programme and RealPlayer will load up and buffer the show. We found that it takes about 10 seconds before you get a picture while it buffers. However, it audio did start to stream almost instantly.

It may be early days for TV live streaming on your Nok but it shows that for the Nokia 5800 and other S60 5th Edition phones when they ship, it’s a reality. Now we just need to find something decent to watch!

Check out BBC TV streaming live on the Nokia 5800:

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