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Latest Nokia E71 apps

Published by Mike Browne April 28, 2009

Latest Nokia E71 apps

Published by Mike Browne April 28, 2009

Twitter is the social networking tool of choice right now with over five million people regularly using it. It seems no matter your choice of Nokia, there is only one Twitter app that anyone wants to use right now and that is Gravity.

It’s just one of the great apps you can get for your Nokia E71 and other Symbian S60 3rd Edition phones. We’re looking at the latest apps and updates with the Nokia E71 in mind.

Twitter on your Nokia E71

Gravity is one of those Twitter apps that juts takes all the grunt out of Tweets and Re:Tweets. The fact it’s also got a great interface helps. It’s not free but with a price of less than 10 Euros, it’s one of the best apps you can get your hands on right now. It’s not only us thinking this, as the chaps at E71 Fanatics have done a great review of Gravity. It’s a lengthy piece pulling together screenshots and video and well worth checking out.


FreeTimeBox for Nokia E71

The guys over at Nokia E71 have been taking a look at a great little app for the Nokia E71 that does away with you needing to go back to the Home screen to check out the time on your Nok. Instead, this free app puts the clock down on base board of your E71. It’s not going to change the world but it’s a neat little app that may well save you a little time.


Nimbuzz 2.0 for Symbian

Nimbuzz is a great app that allows for multiple Instant Messenger tools to be handled through one interface. It’s been updated for Symbian S60 phones and along with a new interface you can now better manage your Buddy lists by putting your favourites to the top. What’s more, you can now make SkypeOut calls from the Phone Calls tab; always see what your current SkypeOut credit and username are.

DOWNLOAD Nimbuzz 2.0

Nokia Sports Tracker

It seems that Nokia has updated Sports Tracker, taking it from Version 2.05 to 2.06. If you’ve already got it on your Nokia E71 then can get the update straight on your Nok simply by going to the Menu of Sports Tracker and the going to Options > Check for Updates. Those who don’t already own and use this sports monitoring tool will obviously find the latest version as part of the download.

DOWNLOAD Nokia Sports Tracker

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