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Ovi Store: Top Five Nokia N73 Apps

Published by Stu Houghton September 10, 2009

Ovi Store: Top Five Nokia N73 Apps

Published by Stu Houghton September 10, 2009

Ovi Store: Top Five Nokia N73 AppsThe Nokia N73 seems to be one of those Nokia smartohones that is largely over-shadowed by the bigger hitting devices. However, the Nokia N73 has plenty to appeal to the average user. This Symbian S60 3rd Edition smarthphone can be enhanced with a whole array of apps available to download from the Nokia Ovi Store.

The Nokia N73 is a stunning multimedia handset with great photography features and integrated stereo speakers with 3D sound. In addition to providing the standard range of Nokia N Series multimedia features, the Nokia N73 includes a 3.2-Megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, auto-focus and even video capture. Check out the Top Five New Nokia N73 apps avaialable now on the Nokia Ovi Store.

BT Guard

Type: Business

Size: 0.319 MB

Price: £8.00

Link: BT Guard

Your Bluetooth connection is one possible way for hackers to get inside your phone and have a good rummage around with your data. Shutting it down when you aren’t using it can be a faff, though, so many people find it easier to just leave it on all the time or just never turn it on – neither of which is ideal. BT Guard helps you manage your Bluetooth link by automatically shutting it down at certain times and turning it on at others. You define the schedule and BT Guard will do the rest.

JoyEye Lite

Type: Entertainment

Size: 0.81 MB

Price: Free

Link: JoyEye Lite

Lomography is the fine art of photography using LOMO cameras – rather lo-fi cameras originally manufactured in the Soviet Union, which can produce images with interesting colour balance, depth and texture (and sometimes appalling focus). JoyEye Lite reckons it can turn your N73’s camera into a LOMO clone by applying special image filters. The app links to popular social networking sites so you can share your masterpieces with others.

Best Safe

Type: Utilities

Size: 0.285

Price: £3.00

Link: Best Safe

Tired of forgetting your login password, your PIN number and the dozen or so other ‘secret’ codes  you need to negotiate modern life? Don’t take the easy way out and just make them all ‘1234’ or ‘password’, take the only-slightly-more-difficult way out and use a password manager like Best Safe to keep them all secure behind one easily-memorised password.

WWIGO – Mobile Wireless Webcam

Type: Photo & Video

Size: 0.46 MB

Price: Free

Link: WWIGO – Mobile Wireless Webcam

WWIGO turns your phone into a wireless webcam. Just run the accompanying PC app (downloadable from and connect to your phone via Bluetooth or even Wifi. Once hooked up you can stream whatever your phone camera sees right back to your PC for recording and editing.

Digital Alarm Clock

Type: Utilities

Size: 0.16 MB

Price: Free

Link: Digital Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm Clock… well, you can probably guess what it does. Clue is very much in the name. The ideal traveller’s companion – this will replace the rubbish clock screensaver with a brightly glowing retro digital timepiece that hooks into the phone’s built-in alarm functions. Stick it on your nightstand with a pair of headphones (as antennae) and the FM Radio app in the background.. instant clock radio.

Before you can download any of these apps you’ll need to register your device with Ovi Store, which also entitles you to updates and message alerts from Nokia and is a great way of keeping abreast of what’s going on at the Ovi Store.

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