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Nokia N900: Download Maemo 5 Apps

Published by admin October 12, 2009

Nokia N900: Download Maemo 5 Apps

Published by admin October 12, 2009

Nokia N900 The Linux based Maemo powered Nokia N900 is rumoured to be arriving very shortly, with online reports suggesting that it could be with us by the end of the month. Nevertheless, the first downloads for Maemo 5 are now available from Read on after the jump for more details…

Maemo 5 is a brand new operating system for Nokia – the Nokia N900 will be the first such handset to sport it – so obviously there’s a lot of testing that has to be done before it’s given the green light.

However, it looks like it’s full steam ahead from here on out, as the final SDK has arrived, which means developers can start designing and creating widgets, apps, and add-ons for the Nokia N900. At present, there’s only nine available but there’s going to be plenty more where they came from.

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Check out the best of the Maemo 5 for Nokia N900 apps now available:

gPodder: Podcasts have fast become a staple of modern man’s media diet, which is something Thomas Perl, gPodder’s developer, clearly had in mind when he created this application. gPodder, which is essentially a podcast aggregator, will support both video and audio podcasts and has an extremely user friendly interface, which will make listening to and finding your favourite podcasts a breeze.

Countdown Home Desktop Widget: This handy little widget will allow you to manage your life from your N900’s home screen. While many smartphone calenders now support organisation apps, none are really the finished article, and you always end up missing things, which is never a good. Fortunately, the Countdown Home Desktop Widget is here to help, providing you with a constant reminder – in the form of a countdown timer – of upcoming events and engagements.

Tuner: Geared towards the more musically minded users out there, Tuner is an application that’ll help you tune your instrument. However, many serious musicians have an aversion to digital tuners, apparently they’re not as accurate. Either way, it’s certainly handy to have one around, and because it’s on your mobile phone, you’ll most likely always have it on you, which means no more borrowing other people’s tuners, and no more out of tune performances.

As we said, there aren’t that many downloads available just yet. However, there will certainly be a lot coming soon. For more news on new Maemo applications and widgets, watch this space…

Check out some screen shots of the featured downloads:


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