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Nokia N97 Mini: Best Free Facebook Apps

Published by Mike Browne December 01, 2009

Nokia N97 Mini: Best Free Facebook Apps

Published by Mike Browne December 01, 2009

Nokia N97 Mini: Best Free Facebook apps Facebook may have slipped off the zeitgeist a little with that upstart Twitter nicking all the headlines, but it is still as vibrant a social community as ever it was. Naturally, there are loads of ways to interact with Facebook using your Nokia N97 Mini, from the official client to simple ways of updating your status line. Lets take a look at four of the best…

Want to make the most of Facebook on your Nokia N97 Mini? Here are some cracking social media apps that make the most of the service, as well as make the Nokia N97 Min the centre of your network. What’s more, they’re all free and ready to be downloaded from Nokia Ovi Store.

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Facebook for Nokia

Size: 0.464 MB

Price: Free

DOWNLOAD: Facebook for Nokia

If you have a recent-ish Nokia N97 you probably have this one already. The official Facebok app gives you access to your full profile, pictures, contacts and more. The N97 version also comes with a handy homescreen widget for displaying your friend’s updates and giving one-touch acess to the app.


Size: 0.91 MB

Price: Free (trial)


One thing we didn’t mention in our review of voice-command app Vlingo [link] is that as well as dialling contacts and launching apps you can also update your Facebook status. Just hold down the “Hold and Speak” button and say “Facebook status is updating this with voice alone” and your status line will change to “[your name] is updating this with voice alone”. Pretty flash, no?


Size: 0.445 MB

Price: Free

DOWNLOAD: Mobnotes

Location-aware social networking app Mobnotes lets you tag a map with ‘pushpin’ notes for you and your friends to refer to. The mobile version also lets you update your Facebook wall with comments and links to Mobnotes content.


Size: 0.136 MB

Price: Free

DOWNLOAD: Pixelpipe

Pixelpipe is a multimedia publishing app that can upload audio, video and text to loads of different sites. Naturally, Facebook comes under its remit and the app makes uploading video to your Facebook galleries a snap.

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