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Top Ten Free Nokia N97 Mini Apps

Published by Mike Browne December 07, 2009

Top Ten Free Nokia N97 Mini Apps

Published by Mike Browne December 07, 2009

Top Ten Free Nokia N97 Mini Apps The Nokia N97 Mini is the latest all-action QWERTY device from Nokia and with its slide-out keyboard and 3.2-inch touchscreen, makes for a fantastic smartphone. It also comes populated with a whole host of killer apps but we all like to personalise our devices, so we thought we’d check out the top ten free Nokia N97 Mini apps. Find out how we got on after the jump…

The Nokia N97 Mini is shaping up to be a cracking little device that takes everything we liked about the Nokia N97 but squeezes it into a more compact 3.2-inch touchscreen device. In order to make it even better, you’ll want to get your hands on the best software out there, and what’s better than free. here we look at the top ten free apps for the Nokia N97 Mini.

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Make the most of music on your Nokia N97 Mini by hooking up with, a website that lets you stream audio for free. You can create playlists, choose music similar to artists you like – a grea tway to discover new music – and generally enjoy music on the move. Sure, you could qute as easily use Spotify, but this service isn’t free, so we may be sticking to Mobbler just a little bit longer.

Google Maps

DOWNLOAD: Google Maps

Google Maps for Symbian devices is one of those services even the casual person about town needs and looks great on the 3.2-inch screen of the Nokia N97 Mini. It mirrors the functionality of the desktop version, so you can search for a location and be given the best directions on how to get there. What’s more, you can even get the most recent information on where you’re going, making this indispensable.


DOWNLOAD: Nokia Ovi Store

With the Nokia N97 Mini sporting a 5-Megapixel camera with full video capture, you’ll need this  amazing free app that lets you share live video direct from your handset. You can broadcast it straight to the web at the simple click of a button. Head over to our full Qik review for a more in-depth look.

Flight Info

DOWNLOAD: Nokia Ovi Store

The Nokia N97 Mini is a great little business buddy and this app is a must for frequent flier. Flight Info tells you all you need to know about this app, as it  helps keep you bang up to date with flight information: just tap in your airline code and flight number and you’ll be instantly given terminal, departure and arrival details.

Pixelpipe for Share Online

DOWNLOAD: Nokia Ovi Store

Pixelpipe allows you to connect with Nokia Share Online and use your Nokia N97 Mini to hook up to almost 100 social network services. In other words, it means you can upload your photos, videos and audio files to whichever photo service, blogging platform or social network you like. What’s more, the likes of Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and WordPress are all supported.

Nokia Photo Browser

DOWNLOAD: Nokia Beta Labs

Nokia Photo Browser is unlike any other photo album app out there, as you can view images in a number of ways. It’s a neat little app that makes the most of the touchscreen on the Nokia N97 Mini, allowing you to tap on images and even zoom in on areas for a closer inspection. Check out out full review of Nokia Photo Browser.

Opera Mini Web Browser


If you’re looking for a smoother web experience then Opera Mini is a great place to start. We’ve not tried it out on the Nokia N97 Mini but this version works well on the Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97, which use the same Symbian S60 OS, so it should work fine.

Paint Pad

DOWNLOAD: Nokia Hong Kong

Paint Pad is a neat and simple tool and works very much in the same way as Microsoft Paint on the PC. You can import images taken on your Nokia N97 Mini and add a host of fun effects and artistic tricks. This may not be a serious app but it’s one that highlights the fun aspect of the N97 Mini.



Fring is one of the more feature rich apps for the Nokia N97 Mini as it allows you to stay in touch with friends using your Nokia’s internet connection. It’ll allow you to integrate other apps, like Twitter, Facebook, Google Talk, and even and view them all from the same interface.


DOWNLOAD: PhoneTorch

One of the things we miss on a lot of newer Nokia handsets is the inclusions of a torch. Nokia may have forgotten about adding this function to its devices but it seems a fondly remembered app. So, this third-party tool brings light to where there once wasn’t any. It uses the Nokia N97 Mini Flash to maximum effect.

Like our Top Ten free Nokia N97 Mini apps or is there something missing? Find apps you prefer to use, then let us know.

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