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Stat Clash: Nokia 5800 vs Nokia X6 16GB

Published by Phil Barker January 27, 2010

Stat Clash: Nokia 5800 vs Nokia X6 16GB

Published by Phil Barker January 27, 2010

nokia-x6-16gb-v-nokai-5800The Nokia X6 16GB is the latest touchscreen Nokia, and looks set to go head-to-head with the Nokia 5800, a handset that’s sold over 8 million units. At £300, the Nokia X6 16GB represents something of a bargain, and will hit the shelves in February. How does it stack up against Nokia’s top-selling touchscreen smartphone, the Nokia 5800? We look at the specs and details to find out, on paper at least, which phone is better…

The Nokia 5800 has turned out to be one of the big success stories over the past two years, and after selling 8 million handsets its still going strong. The Nokia X6 16GB could be the ideal replacement if you’re looking for an upgrade, however, offering a great feature set in a slightly more contemporary design. Which one is better though, as you can now get the Nokia 5800 for around £80 less. In order to settle the matter, we’ve set up a stat clash: Nokia 5800 vs Nokia X6 16GB.


On paper, the displays on the Nokia 5800 and the Nokia X6 16GB both look similar, with 3.2-inch panels featuring a pin-sharp 640 x 360 pixel resolution. The Nokia X6 16GB steals a march on its rival, however, as its screen features the newer capacitive technology, which many users prefer as it’s a lot more responsive. That said, you can use the screen on the Nokia 5800 with a pair of gloves on – as it responds to pressure rather than touch, which will prove a key point for some users. We’d opt for the Nokia X6 16GB in this case, then, but if you work outside a lot then the Nokia 5800 may be the better phone for you.


Both of these devices are music orientated, so storage is an important factor. It’s a close call in this case. The Nokia 5800 comes with a generous 8GB on a microSD card, while the Nokia X6 16GB features a multimedia-friendly 16GB of internal storage, with enough space to store videos as well as music. That said, consider your needs before buying – as the removable microSD card in the Nokia 5800 makes it easier to update your music, and it’s also possible to expand the storage to up to 16GB. Out of the box, though, it’s a victory for the Nokia X6 16GB.

Battery life

With so much emphasis on music playback and features, both the Nokia X6 16GB and the Nokia 5800 need to have a decent battery life, as they will have to function as your phone, mp3 player and camera, among other things. The Nokia 5800 can offer up to 35 hours of music playback time, although this inevitably drops when connected and used as a phone.  This is identical to the 35 hours offered by the Nokia X6 16GB. When it comes to standby time, the Nokia X6 16GB shades it, offering a maximum of 450 hours, against the Nokia 5800’s 406 hours. The Nokia X6 16GB also wins when it comes to talk time, offering an incredible 11 hours and 30 minutes in GSM mode, compared to 8.8 hours for the Nokia 5800.


The Nokia 5800 is showing its age when it comes to the camera, as although it stacks up well in most respects, the 3.2-Megapixel camera lags behind the 5-Megapixel snapper in the Nokia X6 16GB. Both feature Carl Zeiss optics and autofocus, along with a dual LED flash, but the more modern sensor in the Nokia X6 16GB helps it to take slightly more detailed pictures. That’s not to say you can’t get impressive results with the Nokia 5800 – as it still betters most of its rivals in terms of quality – but the Nokia X6 16GB is a worthy winner here.


As high-end devices, both of these phones are crammed with features, including Wi-Fi and A-GPS. Both the Nokia X6 16GB and the Nokia 5800 are to be sold with the latest versions of Ovi Maps, offering free turn-by-turn navigation and traffic updates, and letting you use them as full sat-nav devices. The Nokia 5800 wins when it comes to connectivity, however, as it also comes with a TV-out cable included in the box.

Overall, the Nokia X6 16GB takes a victory, offering a better battery life, better camera, mode advanced touchscreen and more storage space. It also costs £80 more, however, and if money is a factor then the Nokia 5800 is a very close second, competing well in nearly all the areas above. In the end though, it’s the more impressive specs of the Nokia X6 16GB that help it to win here.

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