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Top Ten Free Nokia N900 Games

Published by Phil Barker February 11, 2010

Top Ten Free Nokia N900 Games

Published by Phil Barker February 11, 2010

Nokia N900The Nokia N900 has proved to be one of Nokia’s most popular smartphones, with the Maemo 5 operating system making it a genuinely innovative product. The list of applications it’s capable of running is also growing every day, so we’ve put together ten of the top free games for your Nokia N900. To find out more, read on after the jump…

The Nokia N900 is a great smartphone, with a large, sharp touchscreen and powerful components that make it perfect for gaming on the move. Below we’ve put together the best ten free games currently available:

Bounce Evolution

DOWNLOAD: Bounce Evolution

Nokia’s Bounce game has proved more popular than ever, and on the Nokia N900 it’s now a full 3D game. With intuitive motion control and stunning graphics, this addictive game is a must-have.

Cube Touch

DOWNLOAD: Cube Touch

A digital remake of the ever-popular Rubik’s Cube, Cube Touch proves every bit as addictive as the original. As before, you have to arrange the colours so each side of the cube is one single colour. In this case, however, you won’t be able to peel off the stickers to cheat.

Electric Beams Touch

DOWNLOAD: Electric Beams Touch

One of the more simple games available for your Nokia N900, Electric Beams Touch sees you arranging laser beams across a game board, with the lasers having to pass through set points. Although simple, it’s brilliantly addictive.

Fifteen Touch

DOWNLOAD: Fifteen Touch

As with many of the other games currently available for smartphones, Fifteen Touch is a classic, in this case a sliding puzzle game. With only one space in which to manoeuvre the tiles, the idea is to arrange them into numerical order.

Airport Touch

DOWNLOAD: Airport Touch

With neat graphics and compelling game play, Airport Touch sees you take control of an airport control tower, and an ever-increasing amount of air traffic. Keep control over your planes, or it’ll end in total carnage.

Angry Birds

DOWNLOAD: Angry Birds

Angry Birds lets you get cold, sweet revenge on pigs that have done you wrong by stealing your eggs. With destructive powers, it’s war against the pigs’ fortified castles. Silly, but fun.

Labyrinth Lite

DOWNLOAD: Labyrinth Lite

A predictable labyrinth game, it’s still addictive navigating the mazes using your Nokia N900. You have to navigate a small metal ball bearing around, with different feedback on offer depending on what you hit.

Disks Touch

DOWNLOAD: Disks Touch

A digital remastering of the ever-popular Connect 4, Disks Touch was always likely to prove fiendishly addictive. As with the traditional game, the object is to get four of the same coloured disks in a row.

Solitaire Touch

DOWNLOAD: Solitaire Touch

No real introduction needed here – this is the ever-popular card game Solitaire, but in digital form. Addictive, fun and easy to get the hang of, it’ll see you occupied for hours on end when you should be working.

Xploder Touch

DOWNLOAD: Xploder Touch

Another simple but incredibly addictive game, the idea of Xploder touch is to tap the screen to try and set off as many explosions as possible, with a chain reaction making it possible.

Like our Free Top Ten Nokia N900 Games or found a few you prefer more? Let us know what you’ve installed and started using on your handset…

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