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Opera Mobile 10 for Symbian Review

Published by Phil Barker February 16, 2010

Opera Mobile 10 for Symbian Review

Published by Phil Barker February 16, 2010

Opera-Mobile-10-2Opera has long been respected for its mobile internet browsers, with Opera Mobile 10 the latest iteration. It’s currently at beta 3 stage, so it’s not the finished product, but we’ve been using it for a few weeks now and think it’s one of the best additions we’ve made yet to our Nokia N97 Mini. To find out why, read on after the jump…

Once you open Opera Mobile 10, you’ll be met with a home page that’s split into nine large buttons, with thumbnails of your favourite websites. There’s also an address bar at the top of the display, and a Google search bar to the right, making it easy to get to your preferred website in the minimal amount of clicks.

At the bottom of the browser, you’ll find Back, Forward, Refresh, Tabbed browsing and Settings. Pressing the latter brings up a menu of nine buttons, again split into three. With anything from Bookmarks to History and Downloads, it’s every bit as comprehensive as a full web browser, and you’ll also be able to change the zoom settings to suit your needs.

On our Nokia N97 Mini, Opera Mobile 10 rendered full web pages flawlessly, although they’re obviously too small to read when the entire page is displayed. It does make it easy to navigate to a certain spot on the page when there’s lots of information – the BBC, for instance – and a double tap brings the text into sharp focus.

We found that web pages loaded up a lot quicker than they do using the standard Nokia web browser. Zooming into the text also automatically resizes the column so you won’t have to scroll from side to side – as you have to do with the Nokia browser.

One of our favourite features with Opera mobile 10 is the ability to run multiple tabs, with several pages loaded at the same time. Clicking the tabbed browsing button brings up several large thumbnails of the screens you have open, and it’s a simple case of flicking between them to choose which one you want.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve found Opera Mobile 10 – even at a Beta stage – to be very, very close to being the perfect mobile browser for our Nokia N97 Mini. There are a couple of disappointments, however. We’ve found ourselves having to click Refresh on several occasions to get a website to load – it only takes a second, and there’s no trouble refreshing the page – but it would be nice if this bug could be ironed out.

The other omission is Flash. It’s no real surprise, as no other mobile browser aside from Skyfire 1.5 supports flash videos, but with this in place, for us, Opera really would be the perfect browser.

As it stands, we simply don’t view Flash videos enough for this to make a big difference – Opera has still become our favourite browser by a long way, with an intuitive and effortlessly smooth operation making it a pleasure to use.

Check out our gallary below to see Opera Mobile 10 in action:

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