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Nokia C6 Looks Like Nokia N97 Mini 'Lite'

Published by Mike Browne March 15, 2010

Nokia C6 Looks Like Nokia N97 Mini 'Lite'

Published by Mike Browne March 15, 2010

Nokia C6 Looks Like Nokia N97 Mini 'Lite' Rumours of the Nokia C6 seem to have taken something of a twist over the weekend. Originally thought to be a reworking of the Nokia E72 styling, the Nokia C6 has now popped up looking remarkably like a Nokia N97 Mini ‘Lite’. The QWERTY keyboard on a slider is there but we now get a touchscreen display too. Find out more about the Nokia C6 after the break…

Remember the French site that broke details about the Nokia C5 and the restructuring of Nokia’s naming conventions? Well, Tom’s Guide is at it again, breaking cover with what is reported to be the Nokia C6. What’s more, this device would also seem to fit in better with the RM-612 plans on the FCC.

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The Nokia C6, or ‘Mystic‘, was originally thought to be something akin to the Nokia E72 but aimed more at the entry-level user. Well, the later theory is still in place as this new emergence of the Nokia C6 looks funky and fresh in a white livery aimed at the first-time smartphone user.

Now this rumour looks as though it make have a little more substance, after all the Nokia N97 Mini has been an amazing success so building on it would seem a logical step. What’s more, we think it looks fantastic, the D-pad seems to have made a return and the keyboard has the split down it, like the Nokia 5730. Sadly, there are no details on the screen size but can be sure it’ll be around the 3.2-inch to 3.5-inch market.

The Nokia C6 has few details yet but it looks like the memory has been stripped right back to 256MB (the Nokia N97 Mini has 8GB).

The Nokia C6 is set to launch in time for some summer fun. As soon as we get a few more details we’ll let you know. In the meantime what do you think, has the Nokia C6 got the chops to be a stunning entry-level smartphone? Let us know what you think in the Comments below.

Via: Tom’s Guide

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