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Nokia 5230: Top 10 Free Games

Published by Mike Browne March 17, 2010

Nokia 5230: Top 10 Free Games

Published by Mike Browne March 17, 2010

Nokia 5230: Top Ten Free Games The Nokia 5230 may be an entry-level smartphone but that doesn’t mean you can’t play the latest games. The 3.2-inch screen is bright and clear, making it perfect for puzzle games and reliable for racing. Check out the top ten free games for the Nokia 5230 and see if you agree with our choices…

The Nokia 5230 is a neat little touchscreen smartphone that uses the same Symbian S60 OS as the larger and more high-end devices, such as the Nokia X6, Nokia 5800 and even the Nokia N97 Mini. Here we take a look at the latest free games available for the newest member of the Nokia Touchscreen family.

Check out the Nokia 5230 Top Ten Free Apps

Ovi Maps Racing


Size: 8.50MB

Ovi Maps Racing is a completely new racing experience as it uses the GPS in your Nokia 5230 to allow you to use the streets around your own home town as a race track. For that matter, you can use any street anywhere in the world. It’s a simple idea and we wonder why no one has thought of it before, still we’re glad the boffins at Nokia did as this is a great game.

High Speed 3D Lite

Type:  Action

Size: 1.25MB

Want to hit the streets in 3D and show off your racing prowess, then this is the game for you. With 20 tracks to race, nine cars to choose from and a whole host of customisations there’s plenty here for the road racer to get to grips with. Real driving physics, nitrous boosts and some of the most visually stunning locations to drive around, High Speed 3D has it all.

Dungeon Quest

Type: Adventure

Size: 2.77MB

The first RPG that connects the Nokia 5230 and Facebook, Dungeon Quest is a fantasy-based RPG filled with unusual challenges, thrilling fights, unique weapons and ingenious ways to advance your standing within the realm. This game requires you to select a data connection, as the Nokia 5230 lacks Wi-Fi, so make sure you have an open data plan otherwise you may wrack up a few bills.

BioShock Lite

Type: Action

Size: 2.50MB

BioShock on the PC rocks, plunging you into an aquatic world where mystery is the norm and the thought of a small girl and a hulking giant in a diving suit isn’t seen as odd at all. Sure, it lacks the graphic prowess of the original but we reckon this handheld version has all the playability you’re after.

Sudoku Cube Lite

Type: Puzzle

Size: 1.18MB

Sudoku Cube allows you to get to grips with the mystery of the nine-cube game before asking you to stump up cash for the full version. This edition supports the touchscreen of the Nokia 5230 as well as all non-touch Nokia handsets.

M.U.M.U. Judgement day Free

Type: Arcade

Size: 0.69MB

The Large Hadron Collider crash has burnt our world down in a doomsday fire and the new era has begun. Civilizations have fallen, cities lie in ruins, people transforms into animals and animals becomes humans. M.U.M.U. Judgement day is a story of a man who tries to escape the mortal trap set by semi-intelligent mutant dogs headed by his ex-beloved pet that turned into a cunning monster.


Type:  Adventure

Size: 2.04MB

This RPG allows you to embrace your inner gangster! Join m:Mafia to fight your friends and do jobs for the Don. Case, Fix and Enforce your way to the top. You’ll need a data connection to make the most of the game but if you want to keep it in the family, then this game allows you to keep tabs in-game as well as through Facebook.

Cube Touch: Match

Type: Puzzle

Size: 0.17MB

Cube Touch: Match wants you to make the most of the touchscreen on your Nokia 5230 by forcing you to match the coloured cubes in this highly addictive but thoroughly absorbing puzzle game. The more you play, the better you’ll get, so Cube Touch ramps up the challenge.


Type: Puzzle

Size: 0.32MB

Zum-zum is one another of those tougher than it first seems puzzle games that forces you to match and destroy a chain of multi-coloured balls. You do this by creating lines that contain at least three pieces of the same colour before the scarab, who is a pyramid’s guardian, takes a chain away to his lair.

Checkers Touch

Type: Strategy

Size: 0.42MB

This is the traditional checkers board game but designed specifically for touchscreen devices like the Nokia 5230. You can play the single player game against your smartphone or you can challenge your friend in two player mode over the web.

Got a favourite free game for your Nokia 5230 that isn’t on our list? Let us know all about it in the Comments below.

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