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How to Set up Web Email on Your Nokia E72

Published by Phil Barker April 09, 2010

How to Set up Web Email on Your Nokia E72

Published by Phil Barker April 09, 2010

How-to-setup-web-email-on-your-nokia-e72The Nokia E72 was designed for messaging; after all, the full QWERTY keyboard is just screaming out for you to send full-blown emails rather than just simple text replies. So, how do you go about setting up your email on the Nokia E72? Find out how to get access to your web-based email accounts with our handy guide…

If you use a regular email account – such as Google Mail, Hotmail or Yahoo, then the Nokia E72 is the ideal handset, with a simple email wizard to help you get started. First of all though, you’ll need to log into your email account, go to settings, and ensure that IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is enabled. This is the technology that lets you download messages elsewhere – such as to your Nokia E72. You’ll also be able to access emails using POP (Post Office Protocol), but we’ll explain more about that later.

To set up an email account, go to the menu, click on Messages, and Mailbox: Create New. This brings up the email wizard – if it’s not already installed then follow the instructions onscreen to ensure it’s ready to go. You’ll then be asked to enter your email address, followed by the password for your email account. It’s case-sensitive – just like when you’re logging on using an internet browser. Press next, and the Nokia E72 will then fetch all the correct settings for you.

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It’s easy to change download schedules – where you’ll be able to download emails manually – which is better if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. To change the download schedule, open your account, and click Options. Then press Email Settings, followed by Automatic Retrieval. This lets you either download your emails manually, or have them delivered to you on a timed schedule.

Setting up other types of email accounts on the Nokia E72 – including POP accounts – is a little more tricky, which is why we’ll be producing another guide to talk you through all the steps, and what you’ll need to know. In the meantime, however, follow this simple guide to get your IMAP emails delivered straight to your Nokia E72, and make the most of the connectivity on offer.

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