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Ovi Store: Space Impact: Meteor Shield Review

Published by Stephen Ebert April 29, 2010

Ovi Store: Space Impact: Meteor Shield Review

Published by Stephen Ebert April 29, 2010

Space-Impact2Space Impact: Meteor Shield is the first game on Nok devices to use Nokia’s Digital Compass skills. In the case of Space Impact: Meteor Shield it turns your phone into a topsy turvy galactic aircraft primed for meteor smashing destruction. So is it out of this world? Read on to find out…

Space Impact: Meteor Shield is a free game published by Nokia that uses a Magnetometer to sense the direction you point your Nok in the same way it would using Nokia’s Digital Compass. It means that instead of pressing directional buttons  you must physically move your Nok from left to right, and sometimes full circle to play the game.

Before we go on, we must add that its reliance on its compass-like gameplay means it’s only compatible on N97 and N97 Mini devices. If you’ve got either, we’re sure you’ll agree that Space Impact: Meteor Shield is an experience to control like no other (more on the controls later).

The aim of the game is simple. The year is 2058 and meteors and alien lifeforms are reigning down on Earth. You are the planet’s last hope of preventing an apocalypse, which you must do so by shooting down meteors somewhere high above the Earth’s atmosphere.

Starting Space Impact: Meteor Shield up on our N97, the main menu lets you jump straight into the game – no easy or hard settings here. After configuring our device it was time to dive straight in.

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As we just mentioned the game’s premise is simple. You must shoot down all the meteors within the time limit before they reach Earth. But it’s the control scheme that makes things interesting. Because Space Impact: Meteor Shield mimics a compass you must turn the device across an axis from left to right and vice versa to locate and shoot down the Earth threatening rocks, the occasional ball of ice and other objects.

It sounds simple enough but later levels represent more of a challenge to the extent that, with so much going on screen at once it can get a bit much. There’s even a message before starting the game warning that excessive use of the game “could result in dizziness, motion sickness or repetitive motion injuries.”

We wouldn’t go as far to say we felt physically ill playing Space Impact: Meteor Shield, but it did leave us feeling a tad dazed from all the head spinning we found ourselves doing. But for the most part, it’s a welcome change from the usual samey mobile game control schemes. The only major snag here, and it’s a big one – is that you will not be able to play this game on the train, bus, or any other area you’d typically pass the time playing mobile games without looking stupid or spearing nearby civilians with your elbows.

Graphically, it’s one of the better looking free Ovi Store games around without being anything special. The visuals are clean, but not quite crisp – not that you’ll be paying much attention to them during space rock smashing sessions. Similarly the sound does it’s job, nothing more. But we did like how it seemed to get more ominous during later levels, and the warning bleeps alerting us to an impending meteor impact (get hit and you have to start again).

We’d recommend downloading Space Impact: Meteor Shield – if only to try out its compass-style control system. It might crank your annoyance levels up a notch at times, but Space Impact: Meteor Shield is a nice little (and free) time-waster best played in lots of space. Just don’t blame us for any nasty accidents suffered while playing it.

DOWNLOAD: Space Impact: Meteor Shield

Check out Space Impact: Meteor Shield in action:

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