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Nokia 6700 Slide Top Ten Free Apps

Published by Mike Browne June 18, 2010

Nokia 6700 Slide Top Ten Free Apps

Published by Mike Browne June 18, 2010

Nokia 6700 Slide Top Ten Free AppsThe Nokia 6700 Slide, as the name suggests, is a slider phone that comes with a great design and a large interface. It also rocks up with the Symbian S60 3rd Edition operating system on board, so you can download and use thousands of apps from the Nokia Ovi Store. Here we look at the top ten Nokia 6700 Slide free apps, read on to see which ones work best for you.

The Nokia 6700 Slide may look like simple feature phone from the outside, but take away that 5-Megapixel camera and cool exterior and you have the beating heart of a Symbian S60 3rd edition smartphone. Here we look at ten of our favourite free Nokia 6700 Slide apps.

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Looking for a fully-rounded and free Twitter app for your Nokia 6700 Slide? With Twitreef you can Tweet what you are doing right now, find what your friends are up to or plain simply search for the latest scoops. You can even bookmark and track your favourite topics at click of a button.


Make the most of the sat-nav inside your Nokia 6700 Slide with MapVivo, which allows you to map your journeys, as well as find and explore interesting places. Create your own travel journals as you go, add photos from your phone, share your travel experiences with friends.

Battery Extender Lite (v1.14)

Enhance the battery life of your Nokia 6700 Slide by as much as 30 per cent with this handy little app. After all, 1.5 million users can’t be wrong, as Battery Extender can help by fine tuning the settings on your device as your battery drains. The Lite version includes 2 of the 7 features of the Pro version, along with a 14 day trial of all the Pro features.

Facebook upload plug-in

Facebook is all the rage and with this neat little app you can do more than just check your status with your Nokia 6700 Slide. Upload photos and videos to Facebook directly from the Camera or the Photos Gallery. No need to open another app when you want to share.

Twitter photo uploader

OK, while we’re getting excited about Facebook uploads, why not do the same for your Twitter account? The easiest way to share photos on Twitter. Upload directly from the Camera or the Photos Gallery. No need to create an account, just use your Twitter credentials. No need to open another app when you want to share.


Socially is a must-have client for your Nokia 6700 Slide, allowing full access to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Foursquare from one place. With Socially, you can see all your Social Contacts in your Nokia phone address book; Sync photos of phone contacts with their profile photos from Facebook; see Birthdays of Facebook friends; receive automatic Social Alerts of activities happening on your social networks.

Best Screen Snap

There are some messages and in-game screens you just never want to lose and with this neat little freeware app you can capture screenshots on your Nokia 6700 Slide and save them to a file or send them to friends or to your desktop computer.

Phonelocator Periodic

Phonelocator Periodic is a native S60 GPS tracking application for Nokia S60. It allows you to view the location of your phone and a trail of where it has been at Location updates can be triggered remotley by sending an SMS message to the phone that starts with the word “Update” Periodic can send an SMS message to a friend when the SIM card in your phone is changed.

Skyfire Free Mobile Browser

As the name implies, Skyfire is a free. This downloadable mobile browser gives you lightening fast web browsing experience slap bang on your Nokia 6700 Slide. You can watch any video, connect with friends, listen to music, shop, and browse the web using the full-featured PC versions of your favorite websites.


Shazam is a neat little tool that can identify music anywhere: from TV, radio or when you’re out in a venue. The full app you need to pay for but this 30-day trial allows you to end those nagging moments when you’re humming a tune and only half remembering what it’s called!

What do you think, are these the free apps you want on your Nokia 6700 Slide or have you downloaded something different? Let us know what you think in the Comments below.

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