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Top 10 Free Nokia C6 Apps

Published by Phil Barker August 05, 2010

Top 10 Free Nokia C6 Apps

Published by Phil Barker August 05, 2010

Nokia-c6-review-1The Nokia C6 is the latest touchscreen handset from Nokia, featuring a full sliding QWERTY keypad and Nokia’s Symbian S60 5th Edition OS. We’ve been looking round for the best free apps for you – join us after the break to find the best apps for the Nokia C6…

The Nokia C6 is a great mid-range handset – check out our Nokia C6 review here – offering loads of features in a neat and well made package. A phone always needs applications, however, so we’ve been browsing the Ovi Store to bring you the best apps.

Check out the best free Nokia C6 apps below:

Ovi Maps


We think that there’s probably no better application than Ovi Maps – whether you’re paying for it or whether it’s free. Offering free turn-by-turn navigation, Ovi Maps feels every inch the premium application, with a full Lonely Planet guide thrown into the mix. A must-have for your Nokia C6.

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Opera Mini Web Browser


Opera is one of the best web browsers currently on the market, and absolutely transforms web browsing on your Nokia C6. You’ll get multiple home screens – simply click one of the six mini icons to go to your preferred page – and running multiple tabs is also easy. The Nokia C6 is already perfect for web use – Opera makes it that little bit better.

Nokia Photo Browser

DOWNLOAD: Nokia Photo Browser

Nokia Photo Browser is unlike any other photo album app out there, as you can view images in a number of ways. It’s a neat little app that makes the most of your touchscreen, allowing you to tap on images and even zoom in on areas for a closer inspection. Check out out full review of Nokia Photo Browser.



The Nokia C6 is a great music phone, thanks to its support for 16GB microSD cards and the ease with which you can update your music collection. However, what about new music from the website, which lets you stream audio for free. You can create playlists, choose music similar to artists you like – a great way to discover new music – and generally enjoy music on the move.



While we’re thinking of all things social networking, Fring is one of the more feature rich apps for the Nokia C6 as it allows you to stay in touch with friends using your Nokia’s Wi-Fi connection – allowing you to avoid costly data charges if your’e on a cheaper contract or Pay as You Go. It’ll allow you to integrate other apps, like Twitter, Facebook, Google Talk, and even and view them all from the same interface.

Google Maps

DOWNLOAD: Google Maps

Although we prefer Ovi Maps for turn-by-navigation, it’s also worth having Google Maps as a backup for your Nokia C6. With Google Streetview in place, it’s perfect for finding particular buildings once you get to an unfamiliar area.



With the Nokia C6 sporting a 5-Megapixel camera and video capture, you’ll be able to make full use of this amazing free app that lets you share live video direct from your handset to the internet at the simple click of a button. It’s one of our favourite apps of 2009 and looks like being just as popular in 2010.  Head over to our full Qik review for a more in-depth look.

Flight Info

DOWNLOAD: Flight Info

This is a must for frequent fliers. This self-explanatory app helps keep you bang up to date with flight information: just tap in your airline code and flight number and you’ll be instantly given terminal, departure and arrival details.

Pixelpipe for Share Online

DOWNLOAD: Pixelpipe for Share Online

Pixelpipe allows you to connect Nokia Share Online to almost 100 other social web services. In other words, it means you can upload your photos, videos and audio files to whichever photo service, blogging platform or social network you like: the likes of Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and WordPress are all supported.

Nokia Messaging For Social Networks

DOWNLOAD: Nokia Messaging

Need to get your daily fix of Twitter and Facebook, then this neat little Ovi Store app brings all your social networking together in one handy widget. This touch-sensitive app is perfect for the Nokia C6 as it allows for Profile updates and integrates with Ovi Maps and your GPS.

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