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Nokia X2 Top 10 Free Games

Published by Phil Barker October 18, 2010

Nokia X2 Top 10 Free Games

Published by Phil Barker October 18, 2010

There are also loads of great games available for the entry-level Nokia X2. Thanks to the Ovi Store, it’s also easier than ever to download them – although finding the top titles can be a bit of a chore. Join us after the break then, to find the top ten Nokia X2 games…

Road to Hell 3D

Despite the Nokia X2’s compact 2.2-inch screen, Road to Hell 3D  is an action-packed 3D racing game. It offers great graphics and an addictive rally racing gaming experience.

Price: Free

Size: 0.93MB

Download Road to Hell 3D

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Demo Mini Golf 99 Theme Park

A virtual golfing theme park, this game is well worth a look when you’re a bit bored. With a 3D view, it looks brilliant, and the gameplay is equally addictive.

Price: Free

Size: 0.46MB

Download Demo Mini Golf 99 Theme Park

Dojo Cubed Addict

Another excellent puzzle game, Dojo Cubed Addict may lack the high-end graphics of some of the other games here, but it’s far from lacking when it comes to gameplay.

Price: Free

Size: 0.43MB

Download Dojo Cubed Addict


An incredibly simple game – both in terms of graphics and gameplay – but Revolve is a game you’ll find difficult to put down. Simply guide the ball through the maze. Not as easy as you might think!

Price: Free

Size: 0.08MB

Download Revolve

BeZombied – Free Full Demo

As the name suggests, a parody of BeJeweled, but with zombies instead… Slide, move and fit the various zombie parts together.  Another truly addictive addiction for your Nokia X2

Price: Free

Size: 0.39MB

Download BeZombied

The Train Defender

An all-out action game, you play a hero on top of the train, defending passengers from brutal attackers. With helicopters, parachutes, fires and bullets, it’s fraught with danger!

Price: Free

Size: 0.17MB

Download The Train Defender

Shark or Die FREE

A phenomenon currently taking over the Ovi Store, Shark or Die has captivated thousands of Nokia owners, and you can also download the app for your Nokia X2. Download, and help the shark find his favourite food: surfers and scantily clad ladies!

Price: Free

Size: 0.49MB

Download Shark or Die FREE

1916 DogFight – Trial

The Ovi Store is full of four-star games when it comes to the Nokia X2, with 1916 DogFight being a great example. A 3D flying and fighting game, it’s well worth downloading.

Price: Free

Size: 0.40MB

Download 1916 DogFight – Trial


With a birds-eye viewpoint, Tankzors is a fantastic looking war game. You drive the tank, you shoot the enemy, you make your way through all kinds of hazardous terrain. OK, this one costs £1, but it’s worth a second look, and definitely a 4-star game!

Price: £1

Size: 0.33MB

Download Tankzors

Demo Tower Bloxx: New York

As fun as it’s always been, Tower Bloxx is well and truly addictive, even in demo form. This time you’re in New York, with the ability to build gravity defying (if you’re good!) sky scrapers. Just don’t get it wrong, or they’ll come tumbling down!

Price: Free

Size: 0.44MB

Download Demo Tower Bloxx: New York

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