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Nokia N8: How To Set Up and Edit Multiple Home Screens

Published by Phil Barker October 20, 2010

Nokia N8: How To Set Up and Edit Multiple Home Screens

Published by Phil Barker October 20, 2010

The Nokia N8 is one of the best Nokia devices we’ve ever seen, and the Symbian ^3 operating system offers loads of new features. One of those is the ability to use multiple home screens. Join us after the cut to find out how to edit and manage home screens on your Nokia N8…

Flick your finger to the right or left on your Nokia N8’s home screen, and the first thing you’ll notice is that there’s more than one home screen. There’s three in fact – a feature new to Symbian ^3.

You can set up any kind of shortcut for these different home screens – from icons to launching apps, to shortcuts and bookmarks to the internet. There are also loads of widgets available for the Nokia N8, letting you carry out social networking, stream video clips and much more.

To get started, either tap and hold down the part of the screen that you want edit, or tap Options and Edit Home Screen. As soon as you do this, the screen will become darker, and you’ll be able to move icons around and add more.

Nokia Symbian ^3 Guide: Everything You Need To Know

To remove an existing widget, simply tap it and then click Remove. It’s just as easy to add a replacement, or a widget to any of the other home screens. Simply tap on an empty part of the screen (indicated by a + symbol), and you’ll be taken to the Widget Catalogue.

There are loads of different widgets to choose from – if you simply want to add icons to launch apps then click on Shortcuts. Once you’ve picked your widget, click Done, or add another. To choose which shortcut launches which application, tap the shortcut widget, and press Settings. Then assign the app you want.

You can do this for all three home screens – press the button in the middle at the bottom to switch between the home screens when editing. Using this method, you can assign different pages for different occasions – a work home page, for instance, or one for your social networking and gaming.

If you have any questions, either ask in our comments below, or check out our Symbian ^3 guide. We’ll be updating it with information on how to get the best out of your Nokia N8 – from editing photographs, to downloading apps, to setting up home screens and menus.

Confused? Check out our photo gallery below:

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