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Nokia N8: How To Use Profiles

Published by Phil Barker November 25, 2010

Nokia N8: How To Use Profiles

Published by Phil Barker November 25, 2010

Although you may use your Nokia N8 to do the same things on a daily basis, the chances are you’ll want to assign different profiles depending on where you are. Turning the ring tone off for meetings, for example. Join us after the break to find out how to configure the profiles on your Nokia N8…

The Nokia N8 is a fantastic handset for daily use, but you’ll need to take advantage of the different profiles if you want to get the best out of it.

Nobody wants their ring tone to go off in the middle of the cinema, for instance, and it’s equally frustrating when you forget to turn the ring tone back on again afterwards. Thankfully, it’s easy to set up and use profiles on your Nokia N8, with a host of different ways to control them.

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The most simple way of accessing your Nokia N8’s profile menu is to tap the Power button on the top. Instead of holding it down, just tap it once, and you’ll be offered a host of different profiles to choose from.

This lets you change the profile quickly, so is perfect if you’re heading into a meeting. The Nokia N8 also lets you edit profiles, however, which is more useful for long-term users.

There are two ways to edit a profile. One is to use the Time/Date widget on your Nokia N8’s homescreen, where the active profile is displayed under the date. Click on that, and again you’ll be offered a choice of profiles, but at the top you’ll also find ‘Edit active profile’.

Clicking this lets you edit every aspect of the profile – from call and message tones, to call vibration, to email alerts, to touchscreen vibration. You can even create an entirely new profile, combining your favourite settings.

If this doesn’t offer enough personalisation for you, you can also access profiles through the menu. Click the Menu button, and tap Settings. Then click on Profiles. Changing profiles this way offers a key benefit – the ability to time the profile.

Click the one you want to use, and then click Timed. Instead of swapping instantly to that profile, you’ll be able to time the profile so it expires at a particular hour/minute. This means you’ll be able to use your Nokia N8 on Silent – when in a meeting, for instance – with the device automatically switching back to General once you get to lunchtime.

If you’re struggling with other aspects of your Nokia N8, head over to our Nokia N8: Ultimate User Guide. We’ll be bringing you tutorials to cover everything – from setting your alarm clock, to changing wallpapers, to setting up Facebook accounts. Got any questions? Leave a comment and we’ll try to write a tutorial.

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