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Nokia C5-03: How To Change The Time and Set An Alarm

Published by Martin James March 24, 2011

Nokia C5-03: How To Change The Time and Set An Alarm

Published by Martin James March 24, 2011

The Nokia C5-03 and its Symbian S60 operating system make for a surprisingly versatile combination, and that versatility extends to many of the main settings. The clock, for instance, comes with a wide range of setup options, and the multi-talented alarm feature is a perfect match for any need. Join us after the cut to find out how to change the time and set an alarm on your Nokia C5-03.


There are actually two ways to get to Nokia C5-03’s Time and date setup screen to adjust the clock. You can either go through the dedicated Clock utility, which is found in the Applications menu, or go into the Settings menu, tap Phone and then Date and time.


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But the easiest method of all is simply to tap the time on the top left of the HomeScreen, which will take you straight into the Clock app.


The main on-screen options here relate to the alarm, which we’ll get to in a moment. To change the clock settings, simply tap Options on the bottom left, then Settings from the menu that appears.


Naturally you can change the time and date here, but you can also select how both are displayed on the Nokia C5-03, such as whether you prefer a 12-hour or 24-hour clock, or in which order you wish day, month and year to be shown. This is also where you select your time zone, which is good to know if you’re a regular traveller.


Setting an alarm involves knowing about two menus – the New alarm and the Alarms options visible on the Clock utility’s main screen. The former, as the name implies, is where you go to set up a new alarm, while the latter lets you edit existing alarms and change wider settings.


Tap New alarm and a simple page opens up where you can set the alarm time, a brief description so you can tell it apart from any other alarms you’ve set, and an option to set a pattern for the alarm to repeat, such as if it’s an early morning alarm that you only want active on workdays.


The Alarms option, meanwhile, will list all alarms currently set up on your Nokia C5-03 – tap directly on individual entries to reset or remove them. We’ll now return to the Options / Settings menu we covered earlier to take a closer look at the alarm-relevant settings.


When the Date and time settings page opens, scroll down past the time-related settings and you’ll see three alarm-based settings that are highly useful to personalise. First of all, there’s Clock alarm tone – the all-important tune that your Nokia C5-03 will gently coax you out of your slumber with.


Below that you’ll find Alarm snooze time, which lets you determine just how long a stay of execution you’ll get by hitting the Snooze button when your alarm goes off – options range from a single minute to a full hour.


Lastly there’s the option to select what days are covered by the concept Workdays – if you work Monday to Saturday, for instance, this lets you add the latter to your Nokia C5-03’s understanding of the working week. Or of course, if you’re lucky enough to only work three or four days a week, you can adjust things accordingly.

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