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Nokia C5-03: How to import Contacts from your SIM

Published by Martin James April 07, 2011

Nokia C5-03: How to import Contacts from your SIM

Published by Martin James April 07, 2011

Once you’ve opened up the box and finally have your new Nokia C5-03 in your hands, probably one of the first things you’ll want to do is import all your contacts to your new Symbian S60 handset. Here we take a look at how to go about it.


There are several ways of importing contacts onto your Nokia C5-03, and it largely depends on the phone you were using before and where the contacts were stored.


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If your contacts are already stored on your SIM card, things couldn’t be easier. When you first start up your Nokia C5-03 you’ll be asked whether you want to copy names and numbers from the SIM card to your phone. Select Yes, and the details will start copying over.


If you’re porting your contacts over from another Nokia phone, however, there is potentially an even easier way of going about things. The Nokia C5-03 features a handy little utility called Phone switch, which lets you automatically import contacts, calendar entries and other data from another Nokia device that also has the utility on board.


To access Phone switch on your Nokia C5-03, hit the Menu button, then tap Settings and then Phone switch. Once you’ve read the on-screen info, tap Continue and the process will kick off. The transfer happens via Bluetooth, so both devices will need to have Bluetooth switched on.


Your Nokia C5-03 will then search for Bluetooth-enabled devices in the vicinity – when it finds your old phone, select it to pair up, then repeat the process on your old device. You have three options at the bottom of the screen once the devices are connected. You can either synchronise data across both, start sending data or start receiving data.


Select the appropriate command on each phone, and pop off to make a cup of tea. The process should be done in just a couple of minutes, and all your contacts, calendar entries and the like will be stored safely aboard your new Nokia C5-03.

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