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Nokia C2-01 Free Games Top 10

Published by Martin James April 20, 2011

Nokia C2-01 Free Games Top 10

Published by Martin James April 20, 2011

The Nokia C2-01 is a great entry level addition to the C Series that offers you a high-quality 2-inch colour screen and the convenience of a traditional candybar form factor. Throw in built-in Wi-Fi and you’ve got a great budget handset for a spot of gaming, and there are plenty of great free games to choose from just waiting to be downloaded from Ovi Store. Join us after the cut as we look at 10 guaranteed favourites.

The Nokia C2-01 is a budget phone that uses the Nokia S40 operating system. Sure, it’s a budget OS but you can still download thousands of apps and games from the Nokia Ovi Store. Here we look at our favourite free games.

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Shark or Die Free

Type: Action

Size: 0.49MB

This action title sees you prowling the azure waters off shore as a hungry shark, always on the lookout for your next meal – whether it’s an overly adventurous surfer or an inattentive sunbather.


Type: Arcade

Size: 0.38MB

Have you got the mental agility to conquer this classic strategy game? Take on full games or put yourself in specific situations, playing against either the game itself or a buddy via Bluetooth or SMS.

Snake 3D Free

Type: Arcade

Size: 0.34MB

Nokia and Snake are old friends, but this version gives our slithery friend a 3D makeover to refresh its appeal for a new generation. The gameplay itself is as engaging as ever, but you have new levels to conquer too and can even take on a friend via Bluetooth.

Nuke Defender

Type: Action

Size: 0.45MB

A terrorist has seized control of a nuclear plant, and it’s your job to take it back. Battle a range of adversaries, from other tanks to enemy cannons, as you prove yourself the ultimate Nuke Defender.

Russian Fishing Lite

Type: Sports

Size: 0.27MB

Take your foot off the accelerator and kick back for some leisurely fishing action. But don’t let the lightly rippling water and scenic view lull you too much – the point here is to catch fish, and you’ll need your wits about you!


Type: Puzzle

Size: 0.08MB

Give your grey matter a bit of a workout with Revolve, which requires you to navigate a rolling ball through a maze to progress to the next level. It’s not as easy as it looks, and with more than 75 levels you’ll be busy for a fair while.

Marv the Miner 2

Type: Action

Size: 0.22MB

An arcade classic given a mobile makeover, Marv the Miner 2 sees you tasked with guiding Marv through the mines of Kazarakt, highlighting all the platforms to progress to the next level.

High Speed 3D Free

Type: Action

Size: 0.00MB

Calling all petrol-heads! Bring the world of street racing to your Nokia C2-01 with High Speed 3D, with 20 tracks to race, nine cars to choose from and a whole range of customisations on offer to set your car up just how you want it.

Bubble Popper XXL Free

Type: Arcade

Size: 0.53MB

The objective here is simple: select groups of bubbles the same colour to pop them and score points. The more bubbles you pop in one go, the more points you score. Doesn’t sound addictive at all, does it? Then give it a go – we dare you!

Block Traffic

Type: Strategy

Size: 0.34MB

If you’ve ever felt like negotiating traffic is like trying to find your way out of a maze, this is the game for you. You’re stuck in a parking lot, and the only way out is to shift other cars out the way. This free version comes with 40 parkade snarl-ups to untangle.

Got a favourite Nokia C2-01 game we’ve not covered? Let us know in the Comments below.

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