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Nokia E6: Top 10 free games

Published by Martin James August 04, 2011

Nokia E6: Top 10 free games

Published by Martin James August 04, 2011

The idea of business smartphones like the Nokia E6 is that they provide the mobile professional with a full set of productivity and office tools for keeping in touch while on the move. But even the most dedicated business user needs a break, so it’s good news that the Nokia E6 is great at gaming too! 

The combination of hardware QWERTY keyboard and full capacitive touchscreen delivers great interface flexibility, and while the 2.46-inch screen is no match for the 4-inch display on its fellow Symbian Anna handset the Nokia X7, for instance, a pin-sharp pixel density of 326ppi means stunningly sharp detail on screen.

And speaking of Symbian Anna, it delivers great new features if you’re upgrading from an existing Symbian^3 handset but still runs all the same apps and games.

So without further ado, let’s look at 10 such free games to guarantee you a bit of fun.

Road to Hell 3D
Size: 1.18MB

As you’d expect from the title, this is no easy driving game – in fact for the price of a few short in-game ads you get the kind of high-octane gaming entertainment you don’t normally associate with free titles. And be warned: you need more than just driving skills to get ahead in this racing game!

Sudoku Free
Size: 0.16MB

Keep your wits sharp and your brain agile between meetings with a spot of Sudoku on your Nokia E6. You can go for the classic 9×9 board, or a quicker 6×6 or 4×4 game if time is short. There are four difficulty levels, and you can enter games you come across in newspapers or magazines and have the integrated Sudoku Solver give you the answers.

Shark or Die FREE
Size: 0.78MB

This quirky title takes the classic shark vs surfers and bathers lark and turns it on its head: you’re the shark, and the object is to gobble up as many surfers and bikini-clad bathers as possible. It’s not as gruesome as it sounds, and way more fun than you’d expect!

Size: 0.97MB

The zombies are back, and as you’d expect it’s your job to hunt them down. But there’s a twist: they’re only actually around from 10pm to 6am every day, though there is a way to sidestep this quirky notion if you absolutely have to do your zombie-killing during office hours.

Need for Speed SHIFT
Size: 0.86MB

The world’s best known racing franchise needs little introduction, and provided you’re prepared to put up with a few ads you can get behind the wheel of some of the world’s fastest cars without having to shell out a penny. It’s a sweet deal for some high-speed racing action on your Nokia E6.

Chess V – FREE
Size: 1.38MB

Chess is chess, for the most part, but this feature-packed title takes the classic game to a new level comes with over 10 levels of play, some stunning graphics and a wide range of boards and piece sets, along with hints and tips to help you improve your game.

Moto X Mayhem Lite
Size: 13.68MB

Any game with the word “mayhem” in the title is bound to be lots of fun, and mayhem is exactly what you get with Moto X Mayhem Lite, which dishes up manic motocross action all controlled by your Nokia E6’s accelerometer. This Lite version gives access to the opening seven of the full version’s 35 levels.

Balloon Popper – FREE
Size: 0.35MB

What is it with popping balloons? It’s strangely addictive and has proved a winning genre in the mobile gaming world too. This version sees you attack the air pockets with a rock and other items, with the aim of achieving a gold star of excellence from each of the 30 challenging levels.

Solitarius Klondike Solitaire
Card & casino
Size: 0.33MB

You’ll go a long way to find a more strangely named game for your Nokia E6, but rest assured – this is Solitaire as it should be: simple and intuitive. You get two levels of difficulty to provide some variation, but otherwise it’s good old fashioned Solitaire, perfectly optimised for your Nokia E6’s touchscreen.

The Journey
Size: 0.88MB

For something a little different, how about an adventure game that sees your character solve problems based on your exploration of your own surroundings in real life? It’s a curious premise, and one that has enough depth and originality to make The Journey worth giving a go.

What games have you been playing on your new Nokia E6 – or what free games do you reckon are a perfect match for its QWERTY/touchscreen interface combo? Let us know in the Comments!

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