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Upgrade your Nokia X6 to Nokia 500

Published by Martin James August 10, 2011

Upgrade your Nokia X6 to Nokia 500

Published by Martin James August 10, 2011

Last week saw the announcement of the exciting new Nokia 500, the third Symbian Anna handset and the first Symbian device to feature a 1GHz processor on board. We reckon it’s the perfect upgrade for Nokia X6 users looking to pick up a new handset over the coming months – read on for the reasons why. 

Nokia 500: 10 things you need to know

Symbian Anna really is starting to hit its stride now, with existing Symbian^3 handsets set to receive their update over the air anytime soon and the Nokia E6 and Nokia X7 having established themselves in Nokia’s smartphone lineup.

But it’s the Nokia 500 we’re talking about now, the all-new arrival that not only heralds a change in Nokia’s naming convention, but comes packing a bunch of interesting and innovative features.

Of course we could – and did – say the same for the Nokia X6 when it first touched down more than a year and a half ago, but it’s fair to say the X Series stalwart is starting to look a little long in the tooth.

So if you’re reaching the end of your Nokia X6 mobile contract, or simply are looking to freshen up your mobile appeal, we reckon you could do a lot worse than the Nokia 500.

And we’ll start first and foremost with that processor, as it’s surely the hero feature on board Nokia’s latest mobile offering. Interestingly, we’ve never found the Nokia X6 to struggle too much for speed with its 434MHz processor – that’s surely testiment to Symbian’s renowned power-friendliness.

So the Nokia 500 bumping things up to a full 1GHz of processing power should make things positively zoom along – in fact we wouldn’t be surprised if the Nokia 500 is the speediest and most responsive Nokia handset ever when it goes on sale later this year.

Switching our attention to more visual matters, and it’s interesting to note that the Nokia 500 doesn’t actually look dissimilar to the Nokia X6. It seems to be cut from a similar cloth design-wise, and the overall impression is of a broadly attractive handset that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself.

In both cases you get a 3.2-inch 360 x 640 capacitive touchscreen, and we’re not going to complain that the Nokia 500 doesn’t move things forward simply because the screen is one of the Nokia X6’s biggest attractions.

In other areas, though, things have moved forward a fair bit. The Nokia X6 didn’t give you the option of slotting in a microSD card for added storage flexibility (fair enough – it has plenty of its own on board). But the Nokia 500 fixes that, and still gives you a 2GB helping of internal memory to get you started.

Alongside the processor, the biggest change is undoubtedly the operating system, and if you’re still toiling along on the Nokia X6’s Symbian S60 5th Edition OS, you’ll find the flexibility and features of Symbian Anna – not to mention the vastly superior range and quality of apps – to be a near-revolutionary change to how you interact with your mobile phone.

In all, the Nokia X6 has aged well, but with stunning new Nokia handsets such as the Nokia 500 getting ready to touch down, now is the time to upgrade!


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