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Nokia E7: How to use the Voice Recorder

Published by Martin James September 20, 2011

Nokia E7: How to use the Voice Recorder

Published by Martin James September 20, 2011

The Nokia E7 has a huge list of on-board functions and features, especially now since it’s received the Symbian Anna update. One of those features is an on-board voice recorder, and here we take a quick look at how to use it. 

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Modern smartphones have so many abilities that we often forget the value of simple tools that might have been around for a bit longer but still have unquestioned value.

Take an on-board sound recorder, for instance. It’s a tremendously useful way of making a record of a quick thought, a phone number, perhaps a detail you’ve seen on a sign or notice, or a name you don’t want to forget.

To use the Nokia E7’s sound recorder, simply hit the Menu button, then tap Applications and then Office. You’ll see the Recorder icon near the top of the grid – note that if you use it regularly you can move it to a more accessible position, or pin it to one of the Nokia E7’s homescreen for even easier access.

Once you open the Voice Recorder, the only one of the five sound control icons available to you down the left will be the red Record button. To get started with a recording, simply give this a tap and start talking. Once you do, you’ll now see options on screen to Pause or Stop the recording, and then to Play back or Forward once you’ve finished.

In the Options menu at the bottom of the screen you’ll find options for renaming, deleting or even sending the recorded clip to a contact via message, email or Bluetooth.

It’s a great little utility on board the Nokia E7, and as you’ve seen here, it’s simple and intuitive to use too. If you’re still not confident getting started, however, check out our library of Nokia E7: How to use the Voice Recorder screenshots below.  

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