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Nokia X7: How to delete apps

Published by Martin James September 23, 2011

Nokia X7: How to delete apps

Published by Martin James September 23, 2011

There are literally thousands of great apps out there for the Nokia X7 and Symbian Anna, but after a while you might want to do some spring-cleaning and remove a few. Let’s look at how to go about it with our Nokia X7: How to delete apps walkthrough. 

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The Nokia Ovi Store has loads of great apps to choose from, a large majority of them free and with the paid ones able to be charged straight to your monthly bill.

It encourages you to try out new apps that catch your eye, and given the Nokia X7’s superb 4-inch touchscreen and general all-round capabilities, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

But after a while, it’s likely that you’ll become sick of some of the apps you try out, especially as your grid of apps in the Applications menu grows ever-longer, or you start running out of space on your phone or microSD card.

To delete apps you’re not interested in any more, simply hit the Menu button, then tap Applications. Next, tap the Options menu at the bottom left of the screen, then tap Edit.

You’ll see the app grid change appearance to a more structured layout, but you can still scroll through it as normal, so do so until you’ve located the icon for an app you wish to delete.

At this point, tap and hold on the icon until a sub-menu appears over the icon, then select Delete. You’ll then be asked to confirm if you really do want to delete the app – tap Yes, and it’ll be removed forever.

Once you’re finished culling your apps list, simply tap Done and your newly trimmed Applications folder will be there in front of you.

Confused? Check out our Nokia X7: How to delete apps photo gallery below:

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