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Top 10 free games for the Nokia 701

Published by Alex Bentley October 14, 2011

Top 10 free games for the Nokia 701

Published by Alex Bentley October 14, 2011

Nokia 701 Symbian smartphoneSince the Nokia 701 comes packed with loads of great multimedia features and runs the fantastic Symbian Belle operating system, there’s plenty to keep you occupied as you travel; but with so many top-quality free games available you’d be crazy not to try out at least a few of them on your new smartphone. With many of them proving easy to pick up, tough to master and insanely addictive, we’ve put together a list of the top ten games we’ve been playing on our Nokia 701’s. Why not give them a try?

Angry Birds
By far the king of smartphone gaming, Angry Birds is a true classic and one that everyone should have installed on their Nokia phone. The premise is simple; a herd of green pigs have stolen your eggs and it’s up to you, the Angry Birds, to wreak revenge and get your eggs back to the nest. Easy in theory, but infuriating and addictive in practice, Angry Birds is the first essential game for the Nokia 701.

Bounce Boing Battle
A fantastic and addictive two-player game, the aim is to connect your Nokia 701 to a friends phone via Bluetooth and then bat an onscreen ball over to their screen, for them to bat back at you. To beat them, you must draw a wall on your screen each time the ball reaches you, with the angle of the wall dictating where the ball will end up on your friend’s screen. Things quickly get very competitive, making this a great game to make or break a friendship.

Marble Maze Classic
Bringing the timeless marble maze game to your Nokia 701, Marble Maze Classic is both fun and addictive. Using the 701’s built-in accelerometer to control the metal ball onscreen, you must carefully tilt and turn your phone to direct the ball through the maze and avoid the hazards, in order to win the game. With a whopping eighty-one mazes to make your way through, you’ll be hooked for weeks, making Marble Maze a true smartphone classic.

Soccer Bounce
Maybe the simplest, yet most addictive and infuriating game for your Nokia 701, Soccer Bounce will have you cheering and screaming in equal measure. The game couldn’t be easier in theory; all you have to do is use your finger to tap the football onscreen and keep it up in the air for as long as possible. With the ball bouncing off walls and changing direction, though, it’s much harder than it looks and Soccer Bounce will quickly give your nerves a shredding.

NFS Shift HD
Need for Speed is a true gaming classic and NFS Shift HD brings its unique brand of high-speed racing to your Nokia 701 smartphone in style. Letting you compete in twenty-four professional and street-racing events, in major cities such as Chicago, Tokyo and London, you use the Nokia 701’s accelerometer to steer your car and tap the screen to use the breaks. Graphics are stunning and you’ll quickly be immersed in the gritty world of global street racing.

Skiller WallBall
Bearing a striking resemblance to the 70’s classic, Breakout, Skiller WallBall is as simple and addictive as smartphone gaming gets. All you have to do is control a paddle at the bottom of the screen, to bounce a ball against the wall above you and break your way through. As the ball gets faster and the walls get thicker, your reactions quickly get put to the test and before you know it your nerves will be in tatters as you struggle to keep up. A timeless classic for the smartphone generation, Skiller WallBall is great to play on the Nokia 701.

Air Hockey Touch
Taking the classic game of air hockey and bringing it to the Nokia 701, Air Hockey Touch is another indispensable game for Symbian smartphones. If you’ve never played air hockey before, the premise is simple; all you have to do is smack a plastic puck as hard as you can from one end of a table to the other, to score a goal against your opponent. The speed of the game is what makes it so fun and you’ll need to reactions of a cat if you’re to get very far.

Cube Touch XXL
Building on the foundation of classic games such as Tetris and Bejeweled, Cube Touch XXL for the Nokia 701 is easy to pick up, yet tough to master. With your screen filled with colourful cubes, all you have to do is match the colours and make combinations of cubes disappear to score points. As the cubes keep coming, you have to think and act increasingly quickly and you’ll be feverishly tapping away at your screen before you know it.

Tank Hero Free
Bringing blazing guns and swarms of enemies to the Nokia 701, Tank Hero puts you in control of tanks and howitzers in a fight for your life against the forces of evil. Offering full 3D graphics, touchscreen controls and fast-paced action, this is a fantastic war game for your Symbian smartphone and will keep you entertained for hours. Just be sure to keep your headphones on, as all the blasts and explosions could wake the neighbours.

Copter it 2
Taking to the skies, Copter it 2 brings modern flight to your Nokia 701. All you have to do is steer your helicopter through hazard-filled tunnels without hitting the walls and without crashing into anything, but the reality of this addictive game is far from easy. Forcing you to plan ahead and control your ‘copter with military precision, you’ll be clinging to your Nokia phone like your life depended on it, making Copter it 2 our tenth best game for the Nokia 701.

Whether you install all of these great games, or just one, they all can bring you hours of entertainment on your Nokia 701 Symbian smartphone. But what are your favourite games to play on your Nokia phone and which games are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the Comments below.

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