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Nokia Lumia 800 app: Measure Note review

Published by Jon Mundy January 19, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 app: Measure Note review

Published by Jon Mundy January 19, 2012

An app that helps you record the measurements of stuff might not sound like the most exciting use for your swanky new Nokia Lumia 800, but when said app is as attractive and downright useful as Measure Note, we’re happy to size it up. Does it measure up?

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The problem of recording measurements is a curiously perpetual one. How many times have you been to a furniture shop and completely forgotten how much space you have to play with back home? If you have a manual job, how many times have you forgotten a key measurement for a a room or object? Sure, you can scrawl these down on a piece of paper – but it’s remarkable how quickly such scribblings lose all meaning out of context. What we need is Measure Note.

Measure Note, like all the best apps, does one extremely specific task with the minimum of fuss. It lets you use your Nokia Lumia 800’s camera to take a picture of a room or object, then annotate the picture with measurements and angles.

Open the app up and you’ll be greeted by a smart high definition background picture and familiar Metro UI fonts. The developer has really embraced the host platform and adopted the Windows Phone house style, which instantly wins it some brownie points from us.

The starter screen lets you jump straight to the camera app in order to take a picture in the usual way. Alternatively, you can jump to the photos hub and import an existing picture from the camera roll. 

You’ll be using the camera app most of all though, we suspect. Once you’ve captured an image, you’re given the option to accept or retake it. Accepting takes you through to the app’s photo editing phase, where the really useful stuff begins. Now you can drag out measurement arrows along, for example, a picture frame’s edge. The method is simplicity itself – touch a starting point (using the handy magnifying glass tool for pinpoint precision), then do the same for the finishing point. Type in your measurement, choose your unit of measurement and a snazzy colour, and hey presto – you’ve applied measurements to your picture.

That’s not all you can do – there’s a handy angles option that works in much the same way. First you select your angle base point, then an end point. Finally, you drag out the appropriate angle – the app automatically setting the figure for you. You can also annotate the picture with speech bubbles and arrows. Once you’ve finished and saved your picture, you can then export it to your phone’s picture hub for later viewing – you don’t have to go back into the app just to view your creations. It really is very useful indeed.

Very useful indeed sums Measure Note up perfectly. It does precisely what it sets out to do, but we also came away impressed by how polished and attractive the app was. The developer could have just created a bare-bones app with an ugly interface, but by getting into the spirit of the new Windows Phone OS it becomes an app you’ll be happy to return to the next time you visit Ikea. Just don’t forget to bring your Nokia Lumia 800 along, will you?

Measure Note is currently available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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