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Nokia Lumia 800 Ultimate User Guide

Published by Jon Mundy January 20, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 Ultimate User Guide

Published by Jon Mundy January 20, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 800 is a pretty special smartphone. It’s the first Nokia phone to utilise Microsoft’s brilliant Windows Phone OS, which means it’s as unique to use as it is to look at. With that in mind, we thought we’d put together this ultimate user guide to help you get the best out of your Nokia Lumia 800.

Look at this as a gathering point for all of our Nokia Lumia 800 tutorials and guides. As such, we’ll keep revisting this piece to update it with new guides as we publish them. Keep us bookmarked for the latest help and advice on your exciting new phone.

Whether you want to find out how to get started on the Nokia Lumia 800, how to set up your Facebook account, how to wring every last bit of battery power out of your phone, or how to create music playlists – whatever, we’ve probably got the answer here. And if not, there’s a good chance we will do soon. 

Nokia Lumia 800: How to get started

So you’ve just got your new Nokia Lumia 800 – where to start? This video guide will get you started by showing you how to insert the SIM card (it’s a bit different from other phones). It also briefly touches on the Contacts Transfer feature.

Nokia Lumia 800: How to transfer contacts

Expanding on the Getting Started video, this feature talks you through your Nokia Lumia 800’s Contacts Transfer feature. This will allow you to bring all your phone numbers across from your old Nokia devices via Bluetooth.

How to change themes on the Nokia Lumia 800

In this article you can learn how to alter the colour of your Nokia Lumia 800’s homescreen tiles.

How to customise the Nokia Lumia 800’s Windows Phone Start screen

One of the best things about the Nokia Lumia 800 and its Windows Phone OS is the ability to pin live tiles for the apps you most commonly use to the main menu. Learn how to customise your phone’s start screen here.

Nokia Lumia 800 Tutorial: How to add new Contacts

Windows Phone Mango gathers all your contacts from all your phone, email and social network accounts into a single People section. Here’s how to add a new contact from scratch.

Nokia Lumia 800: How to set up your Facebook account

The Nokia Lumia 800 doesn’t require a dedicated Facebook app – it’s already integrated into the Windows Phone OS. Follow this guide to get set-up with Facebook on your phone, and never miss a new wall post again.

Nokia Lumia 800: How to set up your Twitter account

As with Facebook, you don’t need to download an app to access Twitter on your Nokia Lumia 800. Simply follow this guide and you’ll be able to stay up to date with all the latest tweets on your phone.

Nokia Lumia 800: How to set up Hotmail

Want to access your Hotmail account on the go? It’s as easy as pie to set up access to Microsoft’s popular email service on your Nokia Lumia 800 – just follow this guide.

Nokia Lumia 800: How to set up LinkedIn

LinkedIn could crudely be described as ‘Facebook for businesses’ – which means it’s fast becoming essential for those whose work involves a degree of networking. The Nokia Lumia 800 lets you connect to your LinkedIn account with the minimum of fuss – here’s how.

Nokia Lumia 800: How to change ringtones

Are you happy with the default ringtone on your Nokia Lumia 800? Want to change it to something a little more distinctive? Then follow our straight-forward guide.

Nokia Lumia 800 and the perfect battery life

Your Nokia Lumia 800 is an immensely flexible device, acting as a phone, an email tool, a portable media player, a handheld games console and more. Suffice to say, such heavy use can demand a lot of power. Here are some simple pointers on how to prolong the phone’s battery life.

Nokia Lumia 800: How to set up and manage your Wi-Fi

While the Nokia Lumia 800 has typically strong network performance (hey, it’s a Nokia), you’ll want to connect to Wi-Fi connection whenever you can – especially when downloading apps or browsing the web. Here’s how to set up a connection.

Nokia Lumia 800: How to set up your social networks

We’ve gone into setting up individual social networks for your Nokia Lumia 800 – here’s a succinct round-up for those who use several simultaneously. You little multitasker, you!

Nokia Lumia 800: How to use Windows Phone Groups

This guide will show you how to make use of your Nokia Lumia 800’s Groups feature. Master this, and you’ll be able to juggle multiple conversation trees simultaneously, and contact multiple friends simultaneously.

Nokia Lumia 800: How to link Facebook friends to your Contacts

The Nokia Lumia 800’s Windows Phone OS is all about simplification through integration. Here’s one such example – learn how to combine your Facebook contacts with your phone’s contacts.

Nokia Lumia 800: How to use the camera from the lock screen

Did you know you could jump straight to your Nokia Lumia 800’s camera from the lock screen? Here’s how.

How to back up, update and restore your Nokia Lumia 800

Keeping your data intact and your Nokia Lumia 800 in tip-top working order is an important, if less-than-exciting task. Fortunately, it’s no trouble at all. Just follow these simple steps.

Nokia Lumia 800: How to customise the Windows Phone lock screen

The Windows Phone OS is pretty darned gorgeous as it stands, but never let it be said that you can’t add your own flavour to it. Here’s one example of how you can customise your Nokia Lumia 800 to look and operate how you want it to – the lock screen.

Nokia Lumia 800: How to view Windows Phone Conversations

While other smartphones make you separate your various conversations into texts, emails, IM and Facebook chats, the Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone pulls them all together, making them easy to follow. Here’s how to make use of Windows Phone Threads and Conversations.

Nokia Lumia 800: How to create, transfer and listen to music playlists

The Nokia Lumia 800 makes for an excellent portable MP3 player. Here’s how to make the most of it by creating and transferring playlists.

Nokia Lumia 800: How to browse the web 

If there’s one thing we really love about our Nokia Lumia 800, it’s how easily and intuitively theWindows Phone 7.5 Mango interface and Internet Explorer Mobile 9 software lets us browse the internet. You can get connected and view your favourite websites in seconds, so join us as we show you how. 

How to get Nokia Maps 2.5 update on your Nokia Lumia
The Nokia Maps 2.5 update is rolling out is a small bump of an update weighing in at just 3MB, so you can download it with ease using either WiFi or your data connection.
Nokia Lumia 800, Microsoft Office, SkyDrive and you!
Microsoft Office is an integral part of your Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone experience as it allows you to not only view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, you can also create, backup and share files on the fly

 How to turn your Nokia Lumia 800 into a party phone

OK, we’re cheating a bit here as there isn’t really a ‘Party Phone’ mode on your Nokia Lumia 800, at least not officially. Technically it’s called ‘making a conference call’ but that sounds a bit stuffy when you just want to talk to your mates and don’t want to exclude any body!

How to update your Nokia Lumia 800

If you’re new to Windows Phone then knowing how to get the latest updates may be something you’ll need to get to grips with.

If you have a question on how to do something on your Nokia Lumia 800 that we haven’t covered yet, do let us know in the Comments section below.

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