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Amazing designer Nokia Lumia 710 covers we'd like to see

Published by Jon Mundy February 17, 2012

Amazing designer Nokia Lumia 710 covers we'd like to see

Published by Jon Mundy February 17, 2012

British tattoo outfit I Ain’t No Saint is reportedly bringing a range of custom design covers to the Nokia Lumia 710. Inspired by that, we’ve been thinking about some other designers from across the world of fashion that we’d like to see printed on the back of our Nokia Lumia 710s.

Who would you like to see emblazoned on the back of your phone? You can be as outrageous as you like because – unlike the aforementioned tattoos – you can always replace it! Or at least you can on the Nokia Lumia 710.

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Here are some of the designers we’d like to see gracing our Lumias. We’ve gone for a wide spread of contributors, with the main link being a distinctive style. You’ll have to excuse our poor photoshop skills, but hopefully we’ve grabbed the flavour of what a designer could bring to the Lumia range. Check them out! 

Kat Von D

If you’re going to get a tattoo artist to scrawl you a new phone cover design, then why not choose one of the most high profile on the market? Katherine von Drachenberg – or Kat Von D, as she’s known – shot to fame on American reality TV show LA Ink. Oh, and the girl sure knows how to handle a tattoo pen too. If Heavy Metal artwork is your thing, that is.

Stella McCartney

At the opposite end of the spectrum we have Stella McCartney – the privileged daughter of former Beatle Paul McCartney. Having stepped into the world of high fashion with her classic, elegant designs, Stella’s made a name for herself in her own right. Apparently this Spring’s designs are all based around monochrome, so we can see a classy, crisp-edged black and white design adorning the back of our Lumia 710.

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston has become a bit of an institution here in Britain, where middle class (and aspiring to middle class) types go mad for her nostalgic floral patterns and vintage designs. They adorn bags, chairs, towels, clothes, shoes and pencil cases – so why not phones? If you like the idea of a nice feminine floral pattern on the back of your Lumia 710, this would be great.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Another sharp stylistic about turn – this time for the outrageous Jean Paul Gaultier. Of course, there are different levels to Mr Gaultier’s work, and he could just slap on a typically French stripey pattern and squiggle his name on it. But there’s also the Gaultier who presents raunchy European TV shows and designs outlandish Sci-Fi costumes with buckles and tassles. The mind boggles how your Lumia 710 would turn out in this man’s hands.


No, not the processed crisp brand. During the 90s the Pringle name was the clothing brand of sensible, modest, middle-aged types – if you’re around 30 you might have seen your form tutor wearing a bergundy Pringle tank top. Pringle has become a whole lot cooler now that stiff knitwear and 80s diamond patterns are back on the agenda. We’d love to see a retro diamond print on the back of our Lumia 710 – if only for nostalgic purposes.

Tommy Hilfiger

Nothing screams ‘privileged American high flyer going for a Sunday morning stroll’ as much as the Tommy Hilfiger brand. Which is why it’s also become a popular brand among average Joes, who seem to love to see the Hilfiger logo stamped on everything they own. A phone print featuring that red, white and blue logo would only be natural.

Karl Kani

If you’re more into your hip hop than your metal or your standard fashion brands, then a custom Karl Kani design should appeal. Kani is a dedicated hip hop fashion brand, all hoodies and bright prints and large gothic fonts. It would be easy to imagine such an urban design making its way to the back of your Lumia 710, and it would also be suitably… ahem… ‘bling’.


Talking of bling, how about a classy/gaudy faux-diamond encrusted Gucci battery cover? Heck, go the whole hog and make it real diamond, but don’t go whipping it out while exiting Covent Garden tube station. It makes sense though – if you’re a female with a Gucci bag fetish, then you know all about the importance of accessorising.


Sticking with Italian high-fashion, we should really give Prada a chance to design a rear cover. They already have experience with helping to design phones for other companies, and their vintage style would certainly sit well with the classy, understated lines of the Nokia Lumia 710.


Does any brand have such a split image as Burberry? On the one hand it’s a regal brand with the endorsement of Her Royal Highness herself. On the other, it’s become a byword for hooligans and chavs thanks to the popularity of their tartan patterns on caps, scarfs and other casual wear. Still, that just means that a Burberry Nokia Lumia 710 would appeal to people of all classes. And besides – there isn’t enough tartan on smartphones these days.

Are there any fashion designers or artists whose work you’d like to see on a custom Nokia Lumia 710 cover? Let us know in the Comments section below!

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