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Nokia Lumia 710 hands-on Roundup

Published by Jon Mundy March 15, 2012

Nokia Lumia 710 hands-on Roundup

Published by Jon Mundy March 15, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 710 is the talented all-rounder of the Lumia range, providing high-end Windows Phone thrills at an affordable price. We’ve been living with the Nokia Lumia 710 for the past few months now, and have written a fair amount on its unique charms. If you want a comprehensive view of the phone, check out our review round-up.

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Following the Nokia Lumia 800 was never going to be an easy task, but the Nokia Lumia 710 managed the feat by offering just enough unique features and quirks while retaining the same Windows Phone 7.5 OS powered by the same fast 1.4GHz processor.

Then of course there’s the sharp 3.7-inch LCD display and the 5-megapixel camera. Did we mention you can customise the Lumia 710 with interchangeable battery covers? Well, you can. Here’s a full view of what the Nokia Lumia 710 has to offer.

Nokia Lumia 710 Unboxing hands-on

The Nokia Lumia 710 package is what we’ve come to expect from a modern Nokia phone – slick, compact and fully featured. You get the lovely Nokia Lumia 710, of course, but you also get things like a decent set of in-ear buds and a spare battery cover. Not just a spare battery cover, in fact, but one that’s a different colour to the default one, so you can add a bit of customisation to your phone.

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Nokia Lumia 710 Hardware hands-on

The Nokia Lumia 710 is a pretty slender piece of kit when all’s told, and it sits much lighter in the hand than the Nokia Lumia 800. It’s got a pleasingly tactile hardware button strip along the bottom, and a power button that’s super-easy to feel out without looking. Performance, as you’d expect from that 1.4GHz processor, is swift to say the least, and the 3.7-inch display is extremely crisp and bright.

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Nokia Lumia 710 Build Quality Review

While we’re on the subject of hardware, let’s consider the Nokia Lumia 710’s build quality. Despite being build like a traditional smartphone, with a removable battery and a plastic battery cover, the Lumia 710 feels remarkably solid. There isn’t a hint of creak or flex to it. What’s more, the way you peel off the battery cover is easy without making it feel insecure.

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Nokia Lumia 710 Software hands-on

Of course, the most solid hardware in the world means nothing if software that runs on it is lousy. As we all know by now, though, the Nokia Lumia 710’s Windows Phone 7.5 OS is anything but. In fact, it’s the most advanced smartphone OS we’ve ever used, integrating core functions like search, social networking and messaging so that they all feel like one big service rather than lots of separate ones.

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Nokia Lumia 710 Camera hands-on

Nokia hasn’t been able to squeeze in the Nokia Lumia 800’s 8-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, but the Nokia Lumia 710’s 5-megapixel snapper is still a creditable effort. It can still manage 720p HD video recording, and the response time from sleep to snap is as impressive as ever. The of course there’s Windows Phone’s brilliant handling of photos, from sharing them with others to storing them in the cloud via SkyDrive.

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