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Best Instagram alternatives for Nokia N8 Nokia Belle smartphone

Published by Stephen Ebert May 16, 2012

Best Instagram alternatives for Nokia N8 Nokia Belle smartphone

Published by Stephen Ebert May 16, 2012

The well-known Instagram app might be popular, but there are plenty of other fun photo editing apps available from the Noka Store that let you have lots of fun with your Nokia N8 Belle photos. Here we take a peek at some of the best.

7 steps to better photos with the Nokia N8 camera

Until the Nokia 808 PureView arrives in stores, the Nokia N8 and its 12-megapixel camera is still the best camera phone you can get your hands on.

To make the most of it, here are some great photo editing apps to get stuck into. Whether you’re a novice photo fan or an expert, there’s something for everyone:

Magic Photos
Size: 0.83MB

Cost: £1.50
Getting the best out of your photos sometimes requires a helping hand. Here it comes in the form of Magic Photos. The cheap Nokia N8 app is capable of giving photos an arty look by using an array of after-effects to transform them. A responsive and easy to use interface makes adjusting each snapshot taken using your N8 a cinch. Simply brush your finger along the desired area to apply effects. A zoom function lets you refine small areas. 

ShaderFX Photo

Size: 1.52MB

Cost: £1.00

ShaderFX Photo is one for the more serious photo editing fan. Available effects include vignetting, mirroring, blur, fake tilt-shift, night vision, colour separation, and more. The result is stunning photos that look as if they’ve had a makeover from the photo gods. ShaderFX Photo will even let you upload your N8 works of art to Facebook, Flickr and Twitter when you’re done.


Size: 0.62MB

Cost: £Free
This awesome cloud-based editing tool transforms your N8 photos by putting lots of fun effects at your fingertips. PhotoFunia is designed for those that simply love to have fun with their photos by letting you place your subjects and their faces into amusing scenes.

Fisheye Camera Lense
Size: 0.58MB

Cost: £Free
If you ever admired the fisheye lens effects on other peoples photos from afar, then look no further than this simple little app to achieve the same illusion. You even get a live camera preview before taking the shot. Fisheye Camera Lense is free, so you can’t go wrong.

CameraPro N8

Size: 0.25MB

Cost: £3.00 

CameraPro N8 has all you need in a camera app, not just fun effects. With it you can toggle anti-shake, adjust ISO settings and contrast and more to transform photos from mere phone snaps into works of art you’d love to share with fellow Nokia N8 fans.

kameraku PRO
Size: 0.15MB

Cost: £1.00

Downloading the colourfully named kameraku will let you add an array of zany effects to whatever you shoot with your Nokia N8. The app features effects including night vision, thermal, cartoon and more. Pay £1.00 for the full version and you can take advantage of even more effects.

Got any favourite N8 photo-tweaking apps you’d love to share with us?

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