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Points make prizes with Nectar app for Windows Phone review

Published by Mike Browne May 25, 2012

Points make prizes with Nectar app for Windows Phone review

Published by Mike Browne May 25, 2012

The Nectar points reward card has been converted into an app for Windows Phone, so you’ll be able to get ahold of it on your Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia Lumia 800 or Nokia Lumia 710 smartphone. Here we take a look at what the Nectar app has to offer.

If you shop at the likes of Sainsbury’s, Debenhams or BP petrol stations then you’ll be no stranger to the Nectar reward card. Now it’s been created as an app for your Windows Phone. The app itself has clearly mean made with the OS is mind as it uses the Metro UI to give you Live Tile updates of the latest offers from a range of stores.

As soon as you drop into the Nectar app you’ll find how many points you have collected, as well as their monetary worth. For every 500 Nectar points you collect you’ll be able to claim £2.50, which can be spent on treats from other stores or simply used to lower the cost of your shopping next time you’re in Sainsbury’s.

When Nokia And Tesco Go Shopping Together 

Swipe left and you’ll find the latest offers – when we looked at it there were seven for Sainsbury’s, two from Ford and even one from BP, just to give you an example.

Next up is the eShops section that allows you to discover which stores support Nectar cards. Click on any and you’ll find how many points they offer. You can also choose to launch the website via the app. This opens in the web-browser so you’ll need to log in and would have been better if you could run this all from within the Nectar app but sadly not in this version.

The More section is pretty much a FAQ that links through to the Nectar website allowing you to find out how to collect, spend and get in touch with Nectar.

We’ve been using the Nectar app on our Nokia Lumia 900 and the big 4.3-inch means you can easily view the app and it’s the perfect choice of smartphone for loading the various websites and doing a bit of online shopping as the screen is so clear and bright and the OS smooth and fast.

When we looked it was currently on the Marketplace website but the Nectar app can be downloaded straight onto your Nokia Lumia smartphone and is fee to do so. Overall, the app does pretty much what you require from it, you can check out your points and discover other places where you can make the most of your card.

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