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Nokia Smart Setup: We talk Windows Phone training, dog claims and handy tips with Nokia

Published by Jon Mundy June 19, 2012

Nokia Smart Setup: We talk Windows Phone training, dog claims and handy tips with Nokia

Published by Jon Mundy June 19, 2012

Nokia has just launched Smart Setup, an initiative to help first time smartphone owners get to grips with their wonderful new Nokia Lumia powered by Windows Phone. We spoke to Nokia to find out more about the service.

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Windows Phone  is, in our view, the easiest smartphone OS of the lot to use. Still, that intuitiveness – coupled with the low price points of the Nokia Lumia 610 and Nokia Lumia 710 – means that a lot of people completely new to smartphones are going to be flooding in.

These newbies are going to need guidance on how to get the best out of their Nokia Lumias – which is where Nokia Smart Setup comes in. As of Monday 18 June, customers can book in a free time slot with a Nokia representative, who will then call back at the allotted time to talk through the setup process.

We spoke to Matt Channing, head of Nokia UK’s Customer Care, to find out more about Smart Setup.

NokNok: Windows Phone is seen as the most intuitive mobile OS around – why the need for this?

Matt Channing: Windows Phone is indeed an intuitive operating system and growing more and more popular, however it is new and we are there to ensure customers know they can turn to us for support. Family and friends are often the first point of contact for customers when they have questions on usage and features and being new in the market we want to be that friend

We are focused on delivering an exceptional level of service from point of purchase through the lifecycle of the device and therefore would like all our customers to be able to use all the features that can benefit them and bring an element of simplicity to their lives.  This service is primarily aimed at those customers entering the smartphone era and needing a little extra guidance in getting started, however we offer support and training for those that want to maximise usage

How long will the average training session last?

The average training lasts around 45 minutes depending on topics chosen and level of detail needed during the training

What level of smartphone experience will people need?

This service is suitable for all customers allowing us to provide support for the 1st time user through to those user that thinks they know it all

What can users expect to learn?

Depending on the specific needs of the customer we will teach them how to get the best out of their phone bringing together all aspects of their life into one place through the various services available. They will learn the tip and tricks of the phone to allowing them to experience what a real smartphone should do

What are the most common problems people have setting up their Windows Phone?

Personalisation – we have had many queries on how to setup personalised  ringtones and why the need for a ‘live’ ID.  There is a misconception that ringtones are not able to be personalised. In fact, they can be through a variety of applications available on the ‘Marketplace’ where there are in excess of 80k applications currently available.  In regards to the ‘live’ ID, users can use almost any email account for this and is needed so you can get all the benefits of the Marketplace and services in the phone

What’s the most unusual customer request you’ve received or heard of at Nokia UK?

Earlier this year we received a complaint and request for compensation from a customer as they thought we used their dog in a Nokia advert.  We had to investigate and provide sufficient proof that it wasn’t actually their dog used…

Got any handy tips or tricks for getting the most out of Windows Phone?

Connectivity shortcuts – There are some great applications available on the Marketplace allowing for shortcuts to be added onto the home screen for quick and easy access to turning on/off things like WiFi and Bluetooth connections when not needed

Message editing – while typing a message you can hold your finger on the screen to bring up the cursor allowing it to be moved around like a mouse.  This allows for easy editing of messages

Quick camera launch while the phone is locked – hold down the camera button for a couple of seconds to launch camera in one easy move so you don’t miss that great picture opportunity

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us!

You can register for a Smart Setup call be heading over to the dedicated Smart Setup website.

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