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How to add custom ringtones to your Nokia Lumia 610

Published by Mike Browne July 05, 2012

How to add custom ringtones to your Nokia Lumia 610

Published by Mike Browne July 05, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 610 is a fantastic entry-level smartphone designed with the first time user in mind. The Windows Phone interface means your phone is constantly changing but if you want to personalise the ringtone you may need to get a little clever. Here we show you how to add custom ringtones on your Nokia Lumia 610.

The Nokia Lumia 610, as do all Windows Phone devices, comes with a bunch of pre-installed ringtones but in this day and age we all like to add our own flavour of tune, either as a standard ring or for those special people in our lives.

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Here’s how to add custom ringtones to your Nokia Lumia 610.

First up you’ll need to download a piece of software that lets you edit MP3 files onto your PC or Mac. It really doesn’t matter which you go for, but f we really like Audacity (currently at version 2.0) because it’s free and really easy to use.

If you have an alternative piece of editing software, it’s probably best that you skip the first few steps. We’re going to go through exactly how to get what you need from Audacity for those who are starting from scratch.

You’ll also need to have Zune software installed on your computer, which if you’re already backing up your Nokia Lumia 610 files and contacts to your PC, as well as sharing music you should already be using.

You also need to make sure that the MP3 files you’re after using as ringtones aren’t DRM, or rights managed, as this will prevent you from editing them and copying them over. Got everything sorted? Then we shall begin.

1. Open up Audacity and go to File>Import>Audio, then navigate to the music track you want to use for the basis of your ringtone

2. Click on the Selection Tool (the large ‘I’ symbol) at the top, then click and drag on the track timeline to highlight the section of music you want to use.

3. Press Play to preview this snippet, and manually tweak the time portion in the Selection Start and End sections at the bottom (must be 39 seconds or under).

4. Go to Edit>Remove Audio>Trim

5. Go to File>Export, and save the shortened track as an MP3 or WAV file. You might need to download an additional (free) file for MP3.

6. Go into Zune and import the track, then right click to edit and type the Genre in as Ringtone.

7. Connect your Nokia Lumia 610 and sync the track to it, either by right clicking on the track or physically dragging it onto the phone icon.

8. Go into Settings>Ringtones+sounds>Ringtone on your Nokia Lumia 610 – your track should be listed at the top under Custom.

Now you can add as many new ringtones as you like based on your favourite music or home-recordings. What’s more, it won’t set you back any money. 

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