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Nokia Lumia 800: Top movie apps for Windows Phone

Published by Mike Browne July 05, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800: Top movie apps for Windows Phone

Published by Mike Browne July 05, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 800 is a multimedia juggernaut, and while it lacks the multiplex screen size of the Nokia Lumia 900 it’s still great for watching movies on. Check out these movie-related apps to help make the Nokia Lumia 800 the centre of your home entertainment world!

The Nokia Lumia 800 packs in a 3.7-inch touchscreen that uses AMOLED and ClearBlack technology to deliver the best image experience around. That means, it’s perfect for watching movies, clips or even just looking for a cinema whenever you’re out and about.

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Here we look at five movie-related apps that really bring your Nokia Lumia 800 to life!

Nokia Trailers

Nokia Trailers is a neat little app that makes full use of the Windows Phone Metro templates to deliver an exciting and fresh delve into cinema. You can check out the latest movie clips, find out about the stars of the latest films and even find out when and where they are showing in your area. being a Nokia app you’ll only be able to download this from your Nokia Lumia 800 – simply put in a search on the Marketplace. 


If you’ve ever been stumped by a question about movie trivia the we reckon you’ve been to IMDb – Internet Movie Database as it’s a veritable encyclopaedia of all things movie related – movie synopses, actor biographies, film art – you name it, it’s probably here. In addition to all this you also have movie trailers and local cinema show times. So, the next time you need to know the name of an actor who has popped up in a completely unrelated movie, or just want to keep on top of movie gossip on your Nokia Lumia 800 use this app!


If you need pointers on the cinema times for your local cinema multiplex then check out Flixster. It lets you know exactly which big budget blockbuster is showing, where, and when.In truth Flixster is very much like IMDb, so it’s probably a simple matter of preference which one you end up using. Flixster arguably embraces the Metro UI style even more than IMDb, and it’s certainly a joy to navigate. It also integrates the Rotten Tomatoes rating system, which some will prefer to IMDb’s bespoke service.


You can download the Netflix app now whether you’re in the US or not – happy days! If you’ve got a Netflix account it’s an essential download, giving users access to on-demand movies and TV shows to watch over Wi-Fi and 3G.  

Popcorn Lite

This app is perhaps the quickest way to find out if a movie is worth watching. Enter the movie’s title and hit ‘go’. You’ll get a wall of movie posters returned to you – select the one you’re wondering about and you’ll get a quickview of the movie’s ratings, reviews, and general audience reaction.

Got a favourite movie app you like to use on your Nokia Lumia 800? Let us know which one it is in the Comments below.  

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