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Nokia Music on Nokia Lumia 900: Top 10 tips for Mix Radio, Playlists and Gigs

Published by Mike Browne July 30, 2012

Nokia Music on Nokia Lumia 900: Top 10 tips for Mix Radio, Playlists and Gigs

Published by Mike Browne July 30, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 900 experience may be all about using Windows Phone on that lovely 4.3-inch screen. However, it’s also an amazing every day music player, So, whether it’s buying MP3s, downloading free music playlists or buying gig tickets, we’ve got some excellent Nokia Music on Nokia Lumia 900 advice for you.

The Nokia Lumia 900 may be a Windows Phone and Microsoft’s own Music Player offers plenty of features but for the full Nokia treatment you need to tap into Nokia Music, as it’s the only way to get exclusive playlists you can stream as well as download, as well as get exclusive access to all forms of music. Here we take a look at the key features of Nokia Music, such as Nokia Mix Radio, Music Store and Gigs, to help you get more from your Nokia Lumia 900.

Nokia Lumia 900 Ultimate User Guide!

Nokia Lumia 900: Download playlists

Nokia Music is a collection of key music services, it’s a player, an MP3 shopping portal and most of all it’s a fantastic way to get music for free using Nokia Mix Radio. This service allows you to stream playlists to your Nokia Lumia 900 for free. No sign-up, no fuss – just great music.

You may have a great data plan with your Nokia Lumia 900 but why use it when one of the little secrets of Nokia Mix Radio is that you can download playlists and play them offline? Simply press and hold on one and you’ll see the option to Make available offline. Sure, you can only save four playlists a month, but that works out to hundreds of minutes of free music a month!

Nokia Lumia 900: Have Nokia create a playlist for you

Scroll right from the Create option on Nokia Mix Radio and you’ll see Personalise. Hit Get my music profile and Nokia will attempt to to create a profile of your music tastes based on your Nokia account activity. It’ll then create a personalised mix based on these.

Nokia Lumia 900: Create a personalised playlist

If you’re looking to bring a little of your own flavour to your mixes that’s also possible with Nokia Mix Radio. Simply scroll right twice from the home screen and you’ll be offered the ability to Create your own personal playlist. Click on the Add tile, type in an artist you like and hit the Play button. There you have it – a playlist based containing said artist and other similar acts!

Nokia Lumia 900: Scan your computer

If you’re rocking a brand new Nokia Lumia 900 there’s a chance you won’t have enough music of your own for Nokia to work from. If this is the case, simply head on over to this Nokia web page from your main computer and download the music scanner tool. This will run through all the music you have stored here, build a profile and send it to your Nokia Account for use by Nokia Mix Music. 

Nokia Lumia 900: New Nokia Mix Radio Mixes

What we love about Nokia Mix Radio is that it’s curated by real people, not some computer algorithm like many of the services out there. That means new mixes are being created all the time by people with a real passion for the music they love. You’ll find the New Mixes section is alive and throbbing with new music. Tap on the icon and you’ll find music to listen to, no matter your tastes.

Nokia Lumia 900: Purchase tracks from Nokia MP3 Store

Nokia Music also contains the ability to purchase music tracks separate from the default Zune Marketplace. If you’re upgrading from a Symbian Nokia and you’re already signed up to Nokia Music, your log-in and payment details will all work in Nokia Music. Just make sure you have a credit card register and you’ll be able to purchase from more than 15 million MP3 music tracks by tapping on them and following instructions.

Nokia Lumia 900: Recommendations based on albums you like

Browsing the Nokia Music MP3 store and want something familiar yet new to listen to? Simply find an album you like and go into its track break-down screen. Now scroll right and you’ll find a Recommended section filled with artists and albums who fit within the same broad category – or have some association – to the initial artist and album. It’s a great way to seek out new music.

Nokia Lumia 900: Preview tracks

Want to hear what a track sounds like before you purchase it? Simply hit the Play button next to its name to hear a 30 second clip of the track in question.

Nokia Lumia 900: Buy gig tickets

If you’re looking for music of the live variety, then you’re no doubt aware that Nokia Music lets you see a list of artists playing near your location. But did you know it can also help you purchase the tickets for those same events? Just tap on the event listing and scroll right and you’ll likely be given a series of links to secure, mobile-friendly web pages from which you can purchase tickets.

Nokia Lumia 900: Browse with Metro

Finally, if you want a brief overview of all the services and all the latest changes to Nokia Music, just scroll right rather than going into a specific heading. In true Metro style you’ll be presented with a nice taster of everything, including your most recently played music (from your music collection or Nokia Mix Radio), the latest Mix Radio mixes you’ve visited, the latest releases on the MP3 Store and the next gigs in your area.

Are there any features of Nokia Music you need help with? Alternatively, do you have any top tips for the rest of us? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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