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How to get Nokia Maps 2.5 update on your Nokia Lumia

Published by Mike Browne August 02, 2012

How to get Nokia Maps 2.5 update on your Nokia Lumia

Published by Mike Browne August 02, 2012

Nokia Maps 2.5 has been released and brings with it an improved way of travelling around using your Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 710 or Nokia Lumia 610. The update is rolling out now and here we show you how to get your Nokia Maps 2.5 update.

The Nokia Maps 2.5 update is now rolling out and as you can see from the image above has already hit our Nokia Lumia 800. It a small bump of an update weighing in at just 3MB, so you can download it with ease using either WiFi or your data connection.

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The big difference with Nokia Maps 2.5 is that you can now plan your whole journey before you set off on your Nokia Lumia rather than on PC. ‘After you have set the starting point and destination, you can select your favourite way to connect the dots: on foot, by car or by public transportation (where available). The best thing is you can also pin the route to your start screen and have it available anytime, or share it with friends.’

Nokia has also announced that Groupon Now! is also a part of Nokia Maps 2.5 update but as this is region locked you’ll only find this feature active in the US. No doubt this will change over time as more territories are added.

Now, we’ve found with recent updates that if you sit patiently waiting for the Download Updater to inform you then you’ll be waiting around for ages. The trick is to pop into the Nokia Collection and check the Nokia Maps icon. We’ve always found that it appears here well before you’re informed – as was the case with the Nokia Maps 2.5 update.

Nokia has also pointed out that there might be a delay of a couple of days on Windows Phone Marketplace in some countries. The new version of Nokia Maps is labelled as, so check for that version when you launch Windows Phone Marketplace. If you see, then it’s the old version of Nokia Maps. Just wait a bit until the Windows Phone Marketplace page updates.

Got the Nokia Maps 2.5 update and found something new you really like? Share it with us in the Comments below.

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