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How to use multitasking on your Nokia Lumia 610

Published by Mike Browne August 03, 2012

How to use multitasking on your Nokia Lumia 610

Published by Mike Browne August 03, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 610 is an entry-level Windows Phone and while it may be the budget device in the range it comes with all the features you’d expect, including multitasking. Here we look at how you can make the most of multitasking on your Nokia Lumia 610.

The Nokia Lumia 610 is a great looking smartphone that comes with everything you need right on the device. Look a little closer and you’ll find that its function buttons come with hidden secondary skills.

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For example, the Back button, which you’ll find in the lower left-hand corner of the screen isn’t only used for moving back from a page or app. Hold it down and you’ll find that it’s also a multitasking button.

What do we mean by multitasking exactly? Well, multitasking is built into Windows Phone 7.5 and allows you to switch between apps with ease. Just because you move away from an app it doesn’t mean its closed and gone. No, in most instances it’s simply in stasis, waiting patiently for you to return to it.

This can be achieved by pressing and holding the Back button at any point. This will cause a screen to appear with thumbnails of your six most recently active applications, frozen at the point you last left them. Touch one of these and you’ll jump straight back in.

You may not think you need to be able to multitask on your Nokia Lumia 610 but once you start to use it you’ll wonder how you ever got on with it. Here we take a look at some pretty nifty ways to use it.

Nokia Lumia 610: Playing games

So, you’re in the middle of a great race playing Asphalt 5, for example, when you receive a text that you need to respond to. Now, if you want to go back to the game you can either go back to Xbox Live and start over. Or, you can hit the Back button and jump back into the game at the precise moment you left the screen.

Nokia Lumia 610: Note taking

You just noted down an important reference number in Evernote or the Windows Phone Calendar app’s To-do section. Now you’re relaying that information to someone else through an email or a text message – only you can’t remember what the number was, or you just want to be double sure you get it right.

Rather than abandon the open text message and go through a laborious process of closing and opening separate applications, simply hold the Back button and scroll to the Evernote note. Because this is an accurate thumbnail of the open note, you’ll see your information without having to go into the app. Simply return to the open message and re-enter with your memory refreshed!

Nokia Lumia 610: Orienteering

You’re zoomed in on the location of a meeting point in Nokia Maps, and you’re trying to talk another attendee in through WhatsApp or SMS. As before, simply enter the multitasking menu to reference back to the map, quickly note the nearby roads and landmarks and quickly return to your messaging to relay the information while it’s fresh in mind.

Nokia Lumia 610: Photo flicking

You’re in the camera app flicking back through your photos in reverse chronicle order after a fine day of heavy snapping. Suddenly you’re interrupted by an email. Now, if you quit out of the camera app you’ll lose your position and will have to start again in the camera app or open up the Pictures app and try to find where you were.

The more photos you took, the more time and concentration that will take. With multitasking, the precise point you left your nostalgic browsing has been preserved, so you can continue where you left off after answering that message.

How do you use your Nokia Lumia 610’s multitasking abilities? Give us your case studies and let everyone see what a useful feature it really is!

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