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Nokia Lumia 610: Top sharing and social media tips

Published by Mike Browne August 06, 2012

Nokia Lumia 610: Top sharing and social media tips

Published by Mike Browne August 06, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 610 is the most cost-effective Windows Phone smartphones on the planet, Perfect for the first-time smartphone user it’s great for sharing photos and video, as well as the centre of your social media world. Here we show you how to make the most of it with our essential Nokia Lumia 610 media tips.

The Nokia Lumia 610 is a 3.7-inch smartphone that comes with everything you need pre-installed to make the most of social media, including a 5-Megapixel camera. Here we take a look at how to make the most of sharing photos and video, as well as staying in touch with people using social media channels.

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Nokia Lumia 610: Add social media feeds to People

Windows Phone is all about staying in touch but are you using the People hub on your Nokia Lumia 610 to its full potential? While other lesser smartphone platforms treat this simply as a Contacts list, Windows Phone has been designed to make it a one-stop shop for all your social network comings and goings. That means you can easily integrate all your social media channels without having to add third-party apps.

Simply go into Settings>Email+accounts and Add an account. For example, select Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and supply your login details. Now when you go into the People hub, not only will all your social media contacts have been integrated with the rest of your contacts, you’ll be able to view fresh postings under the What’s new tab.  

Nokia Lumia 610: Contact filtering

With the People hub on your Nokia Lumia 610 as the heart of you social media feeds and email accounts you may find that you have people simply listed in one big feed. What you need is a little more separation. For example, what if you don’t want your Twitter contacts to appear as general contacts?

It’s simple – just go to Settings and scroll right to Applications. Now hit People and Filter my contacts. From here you can select or deselect each of your accounts, which will include or omit each of them in your People hub Contacts list.

Nokia Lumia 610: Contacts as Groups

Another way to make all those contacts more manageable and easy to keep under control is to make use of Windows Phone 7.5’s Groups feature. This is another core feature of the People hub that takes a little time to set up but once up and running you’ll wonder how you ever got on with it!

Go to the main Contacts list on your Nokia Lumia 610 and hit the New button at the bottom. Now select New group and name it. By creating such groups for family, close friends, colleagues and the like you can send group messages and emails to a bunch of relevant people in an instant. You can also monitor their social media exploits by pinning a Live tile for the group to your Start page.

Nokia Lumia 610: Facebook tagging made easy

If you have a Facebook account with plenty of photos , chances are you like to tag friends and family as you go along. With the Nokia Lumia 610,you can do this as soon as you’ve taken your photo and then upload it directly to Facebook!

Once you’ve taken your photo, bring it up and tap Share to Facebook. Then all you need to do is tap the tag button at the bottom, tap on the relevant face(s) and select the appropriate contact from your list. Upload, and there you have it!

Nokia Lumia 610: Share large files with SkyDrive

Did you know it’s really easy to share files by attaching them to emails, texts and social network posts through the Windows Phone OS on your Nokia Lumia 610? If you didn’t then you do now. However, there’s still the matter of having to upload such files, which can take time and eat up your data allowance if the files are big.

With the newly updated SkyDrive app there’s a great alternative for sharing large files quickly and easily. Get into the habit of uploading your large files to the cloud service from your phone or computer, then you can simply navigate to them in the Nokia Lumia app and forward a special sharing link to your contacts. For them, it’s as easy as opening a link to a website. If it’s a word or excel document you can even permit them to edit this file – great for collaboration!

There you have it, making the Nokia Lumia 610 the centre of your social media world just got a whole lot easier. Do you have any Facebook or Twitter tips you’d like to share with others? Or, used you Nokia Lumia 610 in a novel or bizarre way? Let us know in the Comments below.

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