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How Nokia Lumia is more secure than iPhone and Android

Published by Jon Mundy August 08, 2012

How Nokia Lumia is more secure than iPhone and Android

Published by Jon Mundy August 08, 2012

One of the primary concerns in these permanently connected times is the security of our data, but a new report suggests that the Nokia Lumia range might be top of the pile in certain respects. Read on to find out more.

The Black Hat Briefings are a global series conferences that focus on information security. As reported by WP Sauce, one recent paper presented at such a briefing revealed a vulnerability in how both iOS and Android interacted with Microsoft’s Exchange Server – which deals with email and calendar syncing for many businesses.

Without wishing to get too technical or boring, this loophole could potentially result in someone with ill will and a little programming know-how remotely wiping your phone!

Working with Microsoft Office on Nokia Lumia

Android handsets appear to be partially susceptible to this exploit, but iOS handsets – that’s the iPhone in all its guises – is completely vulnerable. This is a bit of a glaring issue for business owners of those major platforms.

But what about Windows Phone, which operates on the entire Nokia Lumia range? This platform was completely immune to the exploit.

So, with BlackBerry use on a sharp decline, is it time for businesses to look to the Nokia Lumia 900Nokia Lumia 800Nokia Lumia 710, and Nokia Lumia 610 for its mobile communication needs? We reckon so!

Besides this added security, Windows Phone has the benefit of full compatibility with Microsoft’s Office 365, allowing you to sync Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents with your Nokia Lumia phone. It also provides super slick email and social media integration, and Skype is only going to go from strength to strength on the platform now that Microsoft owns it.

So, the next time a colleague or boss ponders which platform to adopt for business usage, point them in the direction of the Nokia Lumia range with Windows Phone.

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