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Why Nokia Drive for Nokia Lumia is the undisputed mobile navigation champion

Published by Jon Mundy August 08, 2012

Why Nokia Drive for Nokia Lumia is the undisputed mobile navigation champion

Published by Jon Mundy August 08, 2012

We reckon Nokia Drive is the best mobile navigation system around, and we’re not the only ones. Here’s why you should me making full use of this wonderful free app on your Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia Lumia 610 or Nokia Lumia 710.

You should know by now that we rather like Nokia Drive. In fact, as we made clear in our review back in February, we think it’s the best navigation app available on any platform – not just the Nokia Lumia range with Windows Phone.

We know what you’re thinking. “You would say that, you’re a Nokia fan site.” Guilty as charged. Would it change your mind at all to know that one of the world’s biggest tech blogs agrees with us?

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As reported in the latest Nokia podcast, Engadget recently posted an in-depth article where they took a Nokia Lumia 900 with Nokia Drive on an epic 1,900 mile road trip across America. The conclusion of this exhaustive, totally non-biased test? 

“It’s an app that’s so well-designed, and so well-implemented, that it could be enough to pull hardcore argonauts from the clutches of one of those other ecosystems.” Yep, Nokia Drive is a system seller alright. But why?

Chief among the reasons for this writer is Nokia Drive’s offline functionality and attendant reliability: “you can honestly think of your Lumia as… one of those Personal Navigation Devices of yesteryear,” they say. 

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Another reason for Engadget’s Nokia Drive love is its intuitiveness: “Nokia Drive is about as simplistic an app as you’ll find in the Windows Phone Marketplace,” it says, “And that’s a good thing.”

The writer also pointed out the app’s accuracy, reliability and thoughtful features – such as the ability to scan ahead on your route, and have it return to your location within a few seconds of leaving it alone.

Then there’s the app’s speed – both in terms of responsiveness and the rate at which the Lumia 900 attained a GPS lock. “In offline mode, I was downright shocked at just how fast everything operated” says the writer. “Even under deep forest cover in the California redwoods, the offline navigator managed to get a GPS lock within a few seconds.”

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Even the automated voice comes in for praise as being “one of the less robotic navigational voices I’ve ever used.” Note, he includes dedicated (and expensive) sat nav systems in that statement.

The piece praises Nokia Drive for being plain nice to look at – “As with pretty much everything in Windows Phone, Nokia Drive is a beautiful app to look at” – while remaining functional first and foremost – “Nokia provides the perfect amount of data – it’s just enough to take advantage of at a glance.” Rerouting was “never a chore,” and the Nokia Lumia 900’s speedy 1.4GHz processor ensured that new routes were acquired far quicker than dedicated sat nav systems could manage. 

The piece concludes with this definitive statement: “I can confidently say that Nokia Drive is the best purely offline navigational tool on the market, on any mobile platform.”

Now do you believe us when we say that Nokia Drive for the Nokia Lumia range is the business?

Source: Engadget

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