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Understanding Battery Symbols on your Nokia Lumia 800

Published by Jon Mundy August 13, 2012

Understanding Battery Symbols on your Nokia Lumia 800

Published by Jon Mundy August 13, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 800 has excellent battery life, but you should still ideally have a full understanding of what all the little battery symbols mean at the top of the screen. Doing so can mean the difference between a flat battery and an efficient day spent with the best-looking phone on the market!

Understanding Data Symbols on your Nokia Lumia 800

You might think it’s a pretty simple task checking how much juice your Nokia Lumia 800 has left, and thanks to the intuitive Windows Phone UI you’d be right. But did you know that there are actually nine different possible symbols attached to that little battery icon?

Microsoft has very helpfully provided a guide to these symbols over on the Windows Phone website. Here’s how the symbols look along with a brief explanation of each:

Battery charging icon

Phone is plugged in and battery is charging, whether that’s through a wall socket, your computer or an in-car charger

Plugged in fully charged icon

Phone is plugged in and battery is fully charged – go ahead and disconnect!

Full battery icon

Your Lumia is unplugged but at full battery power

High battery icon

Phone has high battery power

Medium battery icon

Phone has medium battery power

Low battery icon

phone has low battery power – more than enough to keep you going for a good few hours, but you might want to check out where your nearest wall socket is

Critically low battery icon

Critically low battery power – get to a charge point pronto

Unknown battery state

Battery power or state of the battery isn’t known at the current time. The latest firmware update should have nullified this

Battery Saver icon

Battery Saver is on, stopping apps running in the background and emails from coming in. Go to Settings>Battery Saver to turn it off.

So that’s what all the different battery icons mean on your Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone.

Going further, if you want to see exactly how much life is left in your phone’s battery, we’d recommend going to Battery Saver in the Settings menu. At the bottom you’ll see Battery information, along with the percentage of power, estimated time remaining and the time since your last charge. 

Hopefully you’ll never be left without the right amount of charge in your Nokia Lumia 800 again!

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