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Nokia Drive user experience: Windows Phone versus Symbian

Published by Mike Browne August 16, 2012

Nokia Drive user experience: Windows Phone versus Symbian

Published by Mike Browne August 16, 2012

Nokia Drive has come in for some nice compliments in recent weeks, with the mighty Engadget proclaiming it the best navigation system on any platform. It’s easy to forget that Nokia Drive is great on both Windows Phone and Symbian and both work amazingly well, find out how!

Nokia Drive comes hard baked into your Nokia Lumia smartphone, so whether you’re using a high-end Nokia Lumia 900 or the entry-level Nokia Lumia 610 it’s there and waiting for you to download and install maps you need so you can take advantage of free turn-by-turn navigation.

Discover what you need to know about Nokia Drive 

Now, long term Nokia fans will know that Nokia Drive first made it’s impact on Symbian devices, which is why the guys over at WMPoweruser decided to check out which offered the better solution.

In terms of usability, the Nokia Lumia version of Nokia Drive proves a clear winner, as it’s faster, easier to use and comes with a smoother interface. The biggest problem the review, Lucas, had with the Symbian version seems to be that ‘some elements in the deeper settings are not car friendly with its small buttons and elements.’

Another cool feature that is really useful when travelling is that with Windows Phone you can pin pin destinations to the Start screen, which Symbian quite naturally doesn’t offer.

However, what’s really interesting about this review is that while Nokia Drive on Nokia Lumia is easier and better to use, the review likes the fact that on Symbian Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive are integrated, giving both access to the same set of offline maps, so making life a little easier in those parts of the world where connectivity could be a potential issue.

‘Speed alerts, maps and voice guidance and an offline connection are available on both. But Symbian’s Drive is connected/integrated/linked with Nokia Maps, which is also offline because it uses the same maps. When you want to browse your environment, this is not possible offline on Windows Phone as Nokia Maps is online.’

Overall, Nokia Maps delivers a great user experience whether you’re using a brand new Nokia Lumia smartphone or an older Symbian device, such as the Nokia N8 used in the review.

From our own experience, we’ve found that Nokia Maps on Windows Phone is a lot quicker. Not only is the GPS is a little bit more accurate and faster to lock in but the layout is a little more intuitive and easy to use.

What features of Nokia Drive do you use the most? Let us know in the Comments below.

Via: WMPoweruser

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