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Nokia Lumia 610 top 10 free apps for music and movie lovers!

Published by Mike Browne August 17, 2012

Nokia Lumia 610 top 10 free apps for music and movie lovers!

Published by Mike Browne August 17, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 610 is the entry-level smartphone of the Windows Phone range but we’ve found it one of the most versatile and multimedia centric devices around. Here we take a look at the top 10 apps that bring music and movies to life on your Nokia Lumia 610.

The Nokia Lumia 610 is a Windows Phone smartphone with a 3.7-inch touchscreen display that is ideal for watching video clips, music videos or just for listening to music on wherever you are. Being a Windows Phone device it comes with a music and video player that is linked with the Zune software you install on your laptop or PC.

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However, the Nokia Lumia 610 wouldn’t be a truly versatile Nokia device without it being about to be tweaked to how you like it. Here we look at the 10 essential apps every music and movie needs on their Nokia Lumia 610.

Nokia Music: Naturally, we couldn’t talk about music on your Nokia Lumia 610 without starting out with Nokia’s own services. Nokia Music takes the basic idea of music and turns it up a notch, sure there is a music player but with a dedicated music store and even a Gigs app that tells you which bands and artists are playing in your area and when, it’s a one-stop shop for all things music.

However, the real secret source in Nokia Music is the addition of Nokia Mix Radio, which allows you to listen to music, both old and new, for free. What’s more, you can choose to stream or download songs. Unlike other services, the playlists on Nokia Mix Radio are created by real people with a passion for music, you won’t find any computer generated lists here, allowing you to stay in tune with what’s really happening, no matter your taste in music!

Nokia Trailers: Love the latest movies? You’ll love Nokia Trailers as this free app keeps you abreast of the latest Hollywood happenings. Along with being able to watch the latest trailers, you can choose to stream them or download and watch later, whichever you prefer, there is also the latest information, such as movie posters, synopsis, cast and director lists and even your chance to vote.

Again, this wouldn’t be a Nokia app without offering something a little more. With Nokia Trailers you can add movies to your Watchlist, which allows you to set a reminder to inform you when the movie is being released. This is great as it means you can be prepared to book seats and see the latest movies ahead of your friends! You’ll find Nokia Trailers as part of the Nokia Collection exclusively. 

iMDB: If you want to take your passion for movies even further, then iMDB covers all bases for film fanatics – actor profiles, film synopses, poster art, movie trailers – you can even check out your local cinema film times! It’s all served up through an intuitive and stylish interface. We use iMDB a lot to answer those niggling questions, such as ‘Where do I know that actor from?’ and ‘What else have they been in?’

YouTube ProYouTube is the home for movie clips and trailers, but not only does YouTube Pro let you launch YouTube from your Nokia Lumia 610 with ease, it also lets you download videos from YouTube to your smartphone. That’s something you can’t do from from apps from other sources, making the Windows Marketplace app one of the best. 

Flixster: If you need pointers on the cinema times for your local cinema multiplex then check out Flixster. It lets you know exactly which big budget blockbuster is showing, where, and when.  

NetflixNetflix is here in the UK and changing the way people choose to view movies. If you’ve got a Netflix account it’s an essential download for your Nokia Lumia 610, giving users access to on-demand movies and TV shows to watch over Wi-Fi and 3G.  

Shazam: Windows Phone now lets you search for music by the sound of it playing, but in truth it pinched the idea from Shazam. Not only will it tell you the name of the artist and song playing and provide buying links, it’ll show you related YouTube videos and lay on lyrics and reviews.

Spotify: Nokia Lumia phones already have a host of music skills at their disposal, but if it’s a little more variety you’re after you can try the Spotify app. It’s one of the best music apps you can buy, also letting you access your music collection offline with a subscription. 

Stop the Music!: Stop the Music! removes the active song from the volume bar without needing to reboot your phone. Simply touch the tile, and even without opening the application, the volume bar will be cleared and the music controls removed from the volume bar. 

SoundHound: This has to be the best third-party music recognition app out there, allowing you to identify original music or a singing search with the touch of a button. We like how simple it is to use, while the social media tools baked in allow you to see what others are searching for too!  

Did you know: Windows Phone comes with its own built-in music identification tool as part of the Bing browser? Simply tap the right-hand button on the front of your smartphone, the magnifying glass, and Bing will load. Then tap the musical note and hold your Nokia Lumia 61o to the source of the music. The results will be shown up along with an option to download from Marketplace! 

Those are the apps and features we love when making the most of music and movies on our Nokia Lumia 610 but with over 100,000 apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace we may have missed one or two. If you’ve a favourite app you’re using share it with us by leaving a Comment below.  

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