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Top 10 free Nokia Lumia 800 games for Windows Phone (AUGUST UPDATE)

Published by Mike Browne August 24, 2012

Top 10 free Nokia Lumia 800 games for Windows Phone (AUGUST UPDATE)

Published by Mike Browne August 24, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 800 is a powerful Windows Phone smartphone perfect for social networking and gaming on the move. Here we take a look at the top 10 free Windows Phone games and ask you to suggest your favourites.  

Windows Phone is great because you can download and all apps and games for free before you commit to buy. This isn’t something you’ll find with the likes of Android or Apple iOS.

Top 100 free Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone apps

However, there are an ever increasing number of free games for your Nokia Lumia 800 that don’t require you to pay at all. These freeminium apps, as they are called, make their money from in-game adverts and increasing with the ability for gamers to buy power-ups and extra levels.

This is our August 2012 update and with a total of six new entries into the chart there is bound to be something for everyone, whether it’s the fast and furious Brutal Chase, or the slower pace of Contract Killer. Check out what we think are the Top 10 free games you need on your Nokia Lumia 800 right now.

Brutal Chase

We missed this one when is was released back in June but we’ve been making up for it ever since as Brutal Chase lives precisely up to its name. This adrenaline based game needs you to be in brutal mode if you’re to succeed. Crush the competing cars to get ahead of the pack, earn money and upgrade your mean machine!

DOWNLOAD: Brutal Chase


Dalton is a recent arrival on Windows Phone but we remember it fondly as it used to be a staple game on Symbian. This is a running game, where you need to dodge the hoards of undead. You can do this on foot or with power-ups, such as the gun, the skateboard and the ‘GROW ME!’ icons you find along your way. Try and beat you last best score and make it onto the leader-board, it’s harder than you think!


Shuffle Party

Shuffle Party is another Xbox Live game that’s free to download. The only time we’ve seen this played seems to be in the movies on a ship’s deck, so it’s a pity all the themes seem to be indoors! Still, earn cash for your high scores to spend on custom pucks, pins, and game tables.

DOWNLOAD: Shuffle Party

Crazy Ivan

Another new addition to the Marketplace that plays really well on your Nokia Lumia 800. This game tells the story of Ivan, whose dream is to become a first-class pilot but there are obstacles on his way, such as rings, balloons with hot air, tops of the buildings, billboards that make this a challenging and fun game. You’ll need fast reflexes to get the best for Crazy Ivan but it’s fun and rather addictive.

DOWNLOAD: Crazy Ivan

Contract Killer

This has to be one of the most ambitious games on Windows Phone to-date as it needs you not only to have the nerve and steady hands of a killer but the patience to limit your game play and come back day after day to play and gather extra rewards. Pulled into a world of bounty hunters, mobsters and criminals, you must check in with your contacts and accept mission that only you can handle. Select your weapon from an inventory of sniper rifles, assault rifles and machine guns. You might eliminate a crime boss and escape without being spotted, or you might walk straight into an ambush.

DOWNLOAD: Contract Killer

Gun Bros

Brand spanking new, Gun Bros has hit Xbox Live like someone being thwacked over the back of the head with the butt of an AK47, all business! Play a genetically enhanced super-warrior out to defeat aliens at every turn. This roleplaying game offers plenty of action and even more rewards for the brave at heart!


BBB: App-ocalypse 

BBB: App-ocalypse for Windows Phone is a zombie apocalypse game where you need to stop the undead hordes from attacking and taking over your security compound. Visually, the 3D engine really brings this game to (un)life and while the initial levels are slow, the lumbering march of the undead hordes makes for an exciting and excellent game!

DOWNLOAD: BBB: App-ocalypse 

Bug Village

God SIM games used to be big business on the PC and this has to be one of the best we’ve seen on the Nokia Lumia 800. You control an ant colony and need to grow it from a single worker ant to a full thriving village.Yes, we know Bug Village 2 is in the works but for right now, this free version is the best God SIM out there!

DOWNLOAD: Bug Village


OK, this is an oldie but a goodie and should have been in our Nokia Lumia 800 free game round-up first time around. The thing is, we’ve become kind of addicted to Flowerz. It’s a simple premise, match three flowers of the same colour and they disappear. Sounds easy but with an ever changing game board it’s a lot trickier than you’d imagine!


Tangled Birds
Not so much Angry Birds, but more Slightly Miserable Birds, this great game requires you to untangle an array of cute feathered friends and set them free using your reflexes and cunning. With the simple, yet endearing graphics, great music and near-perfect difficulty level, you can get stuck in straight away and then spend hours mastering the controls and racking up ever better results, making for an essential game on the Lumia 800.

DOWNLOAD: Tangled Birds

The above are what we think are currently the top 10 best free games for the Nokia Lumia 800. This is an ever changing chart and we want you’re help to make it the best ever, so let us know what games you think should be in there.

To help you decide, here are the previous Top 10 free games for Nokia Lumia 800 that are no loner in the chart – should they be?

Mars Runner

If you like a bit more adrenaline from your games, then Mars Runner is the one for you. Putting you right in the thick of an otherworldly 3D environment, you must race across the surface of Mars, avoiding obstacles along the way, to rise up the ranks and become the next Martian president. Packing hours of high-speed thrills and great racing action, Mars Runner is a fantastic racer for your Lumia 800.


While there are many jewel-matching games out there, Jewel³ is one of the best for the Lumia 800. All you have to in this fast, fun and accessible puzzle game is match three or more jewels from the stream of multi-coloured gems that fill the screen. As you match jewels, you win points and with its gorgeous graphics and easy touchscreen controls, Jewel³ provides a great way to stay entertained on your Lumia 800.


Pirates Assault
Get swashbuckling on your Lumia 800 with Pirates Assault as you protect your ill-gotten treasure from thieves. One of the best tower defence games you can play on your Nokia Windows Phone, Pirates Assault is great to play and packed with cannons, ships, rum, parrots and stolen loot, letting you live out all of your pirate dreams and enjoy hours of adventurous fun wherever you go.


For anyone that thinks penguins can’t fly, we challenge you to try Penguin on your Lumia 800. While the simple graphics may not blow you away, the great gameplay and fun controls are sure to grab your attention, as you battle to help your penguin fly further and faster than ever before. With fish to eat along the way and ever-greater jumps to be made, this basic but brilliant game should be an immediate download on your Lumia 800.


Square Off Free
And if you want a bit more excitement on the trip to work, then make sure to give Square Off a try. Putting you right in the heat of battle against a horde of lethal aliens, you must pull out all the stops and wield an array of deadly weapons if you’re to blast your way to freedom. Crammed with action and featuring gorgeous cartoony graphics, this is a fantastic shoot-‘em-up that will take you back to the old days of hectic 90’s gaming.



This Windows Phone 7 game has now become an Xbox Live hit and is a game that is best played with others across the internet. The essence of the game is easy, become the fastest and best word searcher out there, playing in real time against real people never seemed like so much fun!


Pandas vs. Ninjas
Despite a clear influence from a certain avian-themed smartphone classic, Pandas vs. Ninjas stands up well on its own and is a great game for the Lumia 800. The aim is to protect your panda’s homeland against deadly ninjas by flinging an assortment of animals at the ninja’s camps and destroying their defences. And with its colourful graphics and easy gameplay, Pandas vs. Ninjas is loads of fun.


Blocked In Free
Fun, easy to pick up and maddeningly difficult to master, Blocked In Free is a fantastic brainteaser. The premise is easy; all you have to do is slide an array of wooden blocks horizontally and vertically to clear the way to move a single coloured block off the board. In practice though, things are far more difficult, making this this one of the most challenging and addictive games you can play on your Lumia 800.


Physi Bricks
Sometimes the simplest games are the best and Physi Bricks is the perfect example. The object of this great physics-based game is to knock all the green bricks off the screen, using the impressive arsenal at your disposal. With explosive, implosive, disintegrating, and anti-gravity weapons to choose from, among others, you must use wits as much as brute strength if you’re to win, making for a challenging game on the Lumia 800.


Word Search
For more cerebral entertainment, Word Search provides a sedate yet fun way to pass the time. As the name suggests, all you have to do is scour the jumble of letters on your Lumia 800’s screen and find a set list of words among the muddle. Words can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal and you’ll need a keen eye if you’re to spot them all, making this a relaxing yet fun way to while away the hours on your daily commute.


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