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What if Doctor Who owned a Nokia Lumia 900?

Published by Mike Browne August 24, 2012

What if Doctor Who owned a Nokia Lumia 900?

Published by Mike Browne August 24, 2012

Dr Who is heading back to our screens and it’s the final series for Amy and Rory, the current companions. If the Doctor owned any smartphone we reckon it would be a Nokia Lumia 900 but how would he use it? Find out as we pose the question, what if Dr Who owned a Nokia Lumia 900?

Dr Who is coming back at the start of September for another fantastic series, kicking off with Asylum Of The Daleks, and if you’ve seen the trailers you know we’re in for some pretty amazing action. This got us thinking what life would be like for the Doctor if he owned a Nokia Lumia smartphone.

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We reckon he’d own the Nokia Lumia 900 as the layout of the tiles already has echoes the look of the TARDIS he travels around in. What’s more, the bigger 4.3-inch screen would allow him to check out facts about the planet he’s visiting and even help with some of his daring escapes.

In fact, using Nokia Mops he’d always have a better idea of where he is in the universe, and while we’re not sure if Nokia Drive has all the maps he needs just now but it would keep him on track a bit better than the current built-in sat-nav on the TARDIS.

Then there are a host of apps he can download from the Marketplace to help him get through adventures that little bit easier.

For example, the Sonic Screwdriver may be as iconic as the good Doctor’s TARDIS but in this age where everything is being integrated into your smartphone, having a virtual Sonic Screwdriver is just as good.

This app is a fan creation, designed to give you the power of the 10th and 11th doctor’s sonic screwdriver in your hands! Options are available to mute the Sonic Screwdriver sound, have an loop instead of repeating endlessly and to stop the vibration of the Sonic Screwdriver.

In the first story arc of the new series, Dr Who is up against his age-old enemy, the Daleks. Now with the Dalek Soundboard he’ll be able to play a raft of Dalek sounds from previous encounters, allowing him to use his Nokia Lumia to escape some tricky situations.

Now, we know that Amy Pond, and husband Rory, follows in the footsteps of some pretty amazing companions in recent years and while this is her final series – a new companion is set to appearing the Christmas special – you have yo ask yourself why the Doctor keeps putting humans into the line of fire, when the Dr Who Companion app gives him everything he needs. After all, you get the latest images, ringtones and character biographies for all your favourite characters.

Doctor Who wouldn’t be a great show without amazing monsters and bad guys to go up against and while this encyclopedia is rather expensive, it’s extensive and well researched and should allow the Dr Who to work out who he’s facing a little quicker than he currently does. DOCTOR WHO MONSTERS takes you behind the scenes of Doctor Who to meet the monsters and their makers. Including candid comments and recollections from those people who actually devised, created and played the monsters.

Let’s not forget that the Nokia Lumia 900 comes with an 8-Megapixel camera, so he’ll be able to take photos and video of each of his adventures, while the new excellent Nokia Camera Extras means he can get even better images – we really like the Panorama app as it’s better and easier to use than any before it!

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There you have it, we recon Doctor Who needs to own a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone and the Nokia Lumia 900 would be the most logical solution. What do you think, any features the Doctor would love to have? Let us know in the Comments below.

Check out the Dr Who Series 7 trailer:

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