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Understanding Miscellaneous Symbols on your Nokia Lumia 800

Published by Jon Mundy August 30, 2012

Understanding Miscellaneous Symbols on your Nokia Lumia 800

Published by Jon Mundy August 30, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 800 is just about the easiest smartphone on the market to use, but it’s still full of lots of little symbols the meaning of which might not be immediately obvious. Follow our guide to those unusual little one-off symbols that might have you a little stumped!

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We’ve already discussed the symbols for battery status, data type and signal strength. In truth, they’re pretty easy to understand even without a guide! However, what about those few miscellaneous symbols that don’t occur often enough to be obvious?

By their very nature, some of these symbols will rarely be seen on the average Nokia Lumia 800, so they probably need explaining more than the other, more common examples. Let’s look at call forwarding, roaming and various other miscellaneous symbols that might crop up on your Nokia Lumia 800.

Call forwarding icon Call forwarding is turned on. To activate this option go to Phone>More>Call settings, then turn on Call forwarding. In the Forward calls to box, add the target phone number and Save.

Roaming icon Means that your Nokia Lumia phone is roaming – in other words it’s not using your home mobile network. You’ll probably see this  when using your phone abroad, provided you have Roaming turned on.

Vibrate mode icon

Your Nokia Lumia phone is in Vibrate mode. You can activate this either by turning the volume right down or by hitting the volume button followed by the bell symbol.

Silent icon

The phone is in Silent mode. This happens when you turn off Vibrate in the Settings menu, then turn the volume right down.

Location icon

An app is accessing your phone’s current location information. Each app that does so will have asked for you permission the first time you opened it up.

So those are some of the more unusual symbols you might find in the course of using your Nokia Lumia 800. The one thing uniting these different symbols is that you don’t have to worry about any of them! Enjoy using your Nokia Lumia phone and head to this guide whenever you encounter something unfamiliar.

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