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Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive vs Google Maps - Why Nokia takes the crown

Published by Jon Mundy September 03, 2012

Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive vs Google Maps - Why Nokia takes the crown

Published by Jon Mundy September 03, 2012

For years Google Maps has been the de facto leader in smartphone navigation, but now Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive is taking it on and winning. That’s a pretty bold statement, so let’s discuss why we think this way.

We use our smartphones for more than just making calls these days, and one of the biggest tasks for many is navigation.

Discover what you need to know about Nokia Drive 

We’ll admit to being fans of Google Maps in the past, but now that Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive are available on Nokia Lumia smartphones we have a new favourite. Here are three major reasons why Nokia’s navigation apps take the crown.

Ease of use

Google Maps is nice to use and to look at, but it’s not the most intuitive system. Open up the latest version on an Android phone and you’re greeted by a handful of poorly explained controls along the bottom, and a tucked away drop-down menu at the top. If you’re an expert it’s a doddle to navigate, but what about if you’re not, or are just in a hurry?

Both Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive, by comparison, are easy as pie to use. You’re never overwhelmed with the sheer number of options, and it’s evident what each one does.

True offline maps

Recently, Google boasted about adding offline navigation to Google Maps. For one thing it’s a little late to the party – Nokia Drive has been offering this for ages – and for another they’re not really truly offline. They allow you to take large sections of a map and commit them to your phone’s memory, but stray outside this area and you’ll be eating into your data plan again.

Nokia Drive, by contrast, allows you to download whole countries, so you can switch the network connection off entirely when you travel abroad.

Widespread coverage

Speaking of which, Google boasts of coverage for 29 countries with its new offline turn by turn navigation function. To that we say: big deal. Nokia Drive covers 110 countries.

These are just three reasons why we prefer Nokia’s navigation solutions to Google’s. What do you think? Have you tried the desktop version of Nokia Maps yet? Let us know your thoughts on the subject below.

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