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Best Nokia Lumia 800 price deals 2012

Published by Mike Browne September 04, 2012

Best Nokia Lumia 800 price deals 2012

Published by Mike Browne September 04, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 800 has come in for some special best price deals over the last few weeks, making it more affordable than ever. We’ve been checking the best Nokia Lumia 800 price deals for November 2012 to help you get one now!

The Nokia Lumia 800 is a truly stunning Windows Phone smartphone that now comes with the Tango update as standard. The 3.7-inch AMOLED screen is sharp and bright and makes it even more user-friendly. It packs in 16GB of memory, 8-Megapixel camera and comes with the standard array of software, including Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Music and Nokia Mix Radio.

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Even though it remains up there near the top of the range, the fact that it’s the longest serving Lumia means you can currently pick one up for an unbelievably low price. Here we take a look at the best Nokia Lumia 800 deals for October 2012. Prices are correct as of the time of writing and as we’ve seen the price and availability of the Nokia Lumia 800 switch and change a great deal over recent weeks, if you see a bargain act quick or you may be disappointed! 

Nokia Lumia 800: Best Contract deals

If you’re looking for the Nokia Lumia 800 on contract there are two routes you can go down. There is the ‘FREE’ handset, which is always a nice option, or you can buy the device outright and typically pay a lesser amount each month, usually with more benefits too.

Phones 4u has the best Nokia Lumia 800 price deal out there, where you can pick up a Nokia Lumia 800 on Orange for free on a £15.50 per month contract. It may no longer be the best deal but it’s still great value, as this two year deal will get you 100 minutes, 3000 texts and 100MB of data. 

The next best Nokia Lumia 800 price deal with a free handset at the moment has to be with Carphone Warehouse. Not only do you get this great looking smartphone for free, but for just £20.50 a month on the 2-year contract you get an amazing array of extras. Along with 250 minutes of talk time on any network, there are also 5000 monthly texts up for grabs and 500MB of data allowance, which means you’ll get a cracking all-round deal.

If you want to go down the ‘Buy it Now!’ route, then for a one-off payment of £210 with T-Mobile you can pick up the Nokia Lumia 800 for just £7 a month on a 2-year contract. This is their entry-level offering and gets you 50 minutes, 100 texts and 250MB of data a month, which is great if you just need a stunning looking phone to stay in touch with.

However, if you want to go the whole way data wise, then T-Mobile is offering a whopping 1.5GB of data usage if you pay just £60 for the Nokia Lumia 800 itself and then just £21 a month for two-years.

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Nokia Lumia 800: Best PAYG deals

If you’re on a budget or simply looking for a handset not tied to a monthly deal then going down the PAYG (Pay As You Go) route could work out the most economical.

Tesco Direct is currently offering the best deal for the Nokia Lumia 800 that we can find with a price of £140 (inc. VAT) for the Magenta Edition. They are also offering the Black Edition but this is out of stock at time of writing. However, it is worth keeping tabs on the site as it may come back in at any time. 

Asda Direct has been offering the best Nokia Lumia 800 price out that, which at £149 (inc. VAT) including the option for free delivery means you’ll be able to get this handset at a truly best deal price! When we checked they were currently out of stock, but it’s worth checking to see if they’ve got new ones coming in. 

Amazon has seen some pretty intense action on the Nokia Lumia 800 front over the last few weeks and it’s currently at £159.99 (inc. VAT) with free delivery for the Black edition. If you’re looking for the Nokia Lumia 800 Cyan then it’s currently £192 (inc. VAT). 

Phones 4u is also offering the Nokia Lumia 800 for £159.95 (inc. VAT). You can choose from the Black Edition, White Edition or Cyan Edition. 

Simply Electronics is offering the Nokia Lumia 800 with free delivery and can be picked up for £194.95 (inc. VAT) for the Nokia Lumia 800 Cyan Edition. At time of writing they have 5 units in stock, so you may need to act quick if you want to own one of these. 

Play has been offering a host of great deals on the Nokia Lumia 800 in recent months with a cost of £208.99 (inc. VAT) in October. However, we’ve seen a small drop this month and you can pick the Nokia Lumia 800 up for just £205.88 (inc. VAT) SIM free for the Black Edition.  

Misco is offering the Nokia Lumia 800 for £266.40 (inc. VAT), which is a price drop of just over £26 on last month. 

Prices correct at time of publishing November 2012

Seen a better Nokia Lumia 800 price deal out there and want to share your good fortune with others? Let us know by dropping a link in the Comments below.  

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